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How to meet a girl in the gym.

How to meet a girl in the gym: action plan

If you have a clear plan of action, you will probably feel more confident during Dating. And first of all, pay attention to your appearance. Remember that athletic girls (and even just those who come to the gym to get acquainted) are demanding of such items as: Clean and neat sports clothes, and therefore you should not wear worn out shorts and Slippers. Best of all, if you are wearing sports gear of some popular brand, even if it is not completely new. Naturally, the color should be nice, and the size is yours. Pleasant aroma. Do not be mistaken about the fact that the smell of sweat is the smell of a real man, especially in a rocking chair. Use antiperspirant and good toilet water, but not in huge quantities, of course. You just have to smell nice at close range.

Proper hygiene of the body. Girls pay attention to such seemingly small things as clipped nails, spots on the face, acne, bad breath and a week of unshaven. So start looking after yourself. Physical form. Don't be surprised if a sporty girl is more willing to meet not only neat and nice-smelling, but also fit young people. Every woman secretly dreams of a real man - a strong and masculine male. It is also worth understanding that there may be many competitors in the gym.

So, how to meet a girl in the gym. First, you need to determine whether the girl is ready for such an acquaintance. If you believe professional pickups and psychologists, about half of the girls go to fitness just to meet a cute and fit young man. And if you are, you definitely have a chance. Although girls who are already in relationships go there to keep in good shape. And in order to identify a suitable candidate, you should pay attention to the following. As a rule, real sports fans perform a whole set of exercises. It is very focused on their performance and has excellent forms. Judging by this behavior, her only goal is to train. If a girl with headphones is a clear signal that she is passionate about training, and no one to meet, most likely, she has no plans.

What are the positive signs? Pay attention to the ring finger - as a rule, if a girl without a ring and there is no trace of it, then the road is almost free. Also in favor of interest says that the girl and unnecessarily preens before training, carefully adjusts her hair, clothes, looks in the mirror for a long time, and so on. It is especially noticeable that she strokes herself when men look at her.

A young person can consciously look for eye contact with you – this is, in General, a "green light". Either by performing exercises, she shows you her best side. Such a woman will try to perform some exercises as effectively and sexily as possible. And if she intentionally does certain exercises incorrectly, then most likely she is looking for an excuse to talk to you so that you can correct her. But best of all shows her interest in Dating a Frank sports outfit and an appraising look in the direction of pumped up men.

Where to start a conversation? Banal phrases are definitely not suitable here. It is best to make a compliment about your athletic achievements or figure. But do not expect that she will immediately quit training for the sake of communicating with you, and therefore it is better to continue this outside of the gym. And here you can just exchange a couple of phrases, something to advise her or ask for advice from her. And then offer to drink something useful for the figure after training, for example, a protein shake or just mineral water.

Conclusion How do I meet a girl at the gym? In fact, sport is a great point of contact, and if you are both passionate about something, then you will definitely have something to talk about. Moreover, it is an opportunity to establish long-term relationships based on shared interests and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, after you sign up for the gym, immediately evaluate all suitable girls on the above criteria, and then proceed to action.

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