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How to meet a girl in a cafe or restaurant.

Meeting girls in a cafe has a number of subtleties and nuances. If a representative of the opposite sex is busy with a meal, is in the company of friends or is not aimed at a dialogue, then it will be extremely difficult to "roll up" to such a stranger. What strategy should I choose to avoid embarrassment and rejection? Familiarity in restaurants has one significant plus compared to other places. Such establishments are usually visited by intelligent, decent and interesting girls who are suitable for serious relationships. When making a Dating strategy, remember that a girl can visit a cafe on the following occasions: lunch break; pass your free time; meeting with friends, relatives, acquaintances; festive event. When not to approach a girl: she's in a hurry; communicates with friends; waiting for someone; does not look at you or give any non-verbal signs that encourage communication. Before you take the first step, carefully observe the girl and try to understand what purpose she came to the cafe, in what mood she is. Nonverbal signs that the girl is in no hurry and ready to communicate: looks out the window; carefully examines the surrounding environment; smiles; it has a friendly and relaxed appearance. For Dating in a cafe, it is recommended to choose the most appropriate time — from 17 to 21. During this time period, in catering establishments, you will meet a lot of beauties who want to have dinner after work, spend time with friends and relax. So that the girl does not choke, it is not recommended to approach her table at a time when she is focused on taking food.

7 strategies for Dating girls in cafes

To approach a girl for Dating, use all your erudition and turn on your imagination. We offer 7 options for Dating in a cafe: You approach the girl's table and say that you would like to ask her just one question. This way you show that you won't take up much of her time. As a rule, the girls agree on it. After that, you need to ask a question from the category "What dish should I order here?", "Is there Wi-Fi in the cafe" and so on. After that, be sure to thank the girl, make her a compliment. Look carefully at the stranger you like until she notices you. When your eyes meet, smile at her. If she responds to you in return, then you can safely go to her table and offer your company. Call the waiter and order dessert for the girl at the next table. Send a note on a napkin through the waiter with a compliment and an offer to keep her company. Buy a rose at the nearest flower shop and ask the staff to hand it to a nice stranger on your behalf. If there is music in the cafe, invite the girl you like to dance. If the girl is in the company of friends, the best option is to communicate through notes. You can write to her saying that you like her and suggest that she chat on the street after she is free, or ask her phone number. By applying a creative approach when meeting in a restaurant or cafe, you can make a good impression on a stranger and charm her with your elegance and personality.

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