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How to meet a girl at the airport

If you go on vacation alone, you can easily find a companion at the airport — there they are especially vulnerable.

Target selection

Of course, the plane eliminates the need to stand in traffic jams or eat at half-stops unknown than salted corn. But this is the only mode of transport that wants you to arrive three hours before its departure, and then wait another six for reasons beyond its control. You can, of course, worry. And you can spend this piece of life on girls. If you look closely, the airport is full of them, and because of all these non-arrivals and delays (so far, the flight), they have a lot of free time. One is sadly sipping Baileys from duty-free. The other one, with a colorful backpack, had just arrived and didn't know where it was yet. And the third screams at her baby while her closet-like husband... well, we'll let her through.

If it's her first time here...

A woman studying a map or a booth marked "hotel Accommodation and more" is unlikely to know your city well. This means that she is ready to accept help even from a complete stranger to her you. Don't stop, help carry the suitcase or take the trolley off the brake. And if she has absolutely nowhere to go, ask her to have lunch at"I know a great place." (She'll find McDonald's on her own.)

If she needs to kill a couple of hours...

There are only two ways to kill time in the waiting room: sleep or drink. Don't believe the storytellers — kissing a sleeping beauty can get you in the eye. But walking through the bars of the airport, you are sure to find a pretty girl with a mountain of suitcases and the eighth cocktail in hand. (Perhaps this is our missing correspondent Katya, who knows?) Find any delayed flight on the Board, and you will have a grief that you can share with her. How? Does she have the same problems? Amazing! It's so close... Just keep in mind that at the most inopportune moment, they will definitely announce the landing. That is, you have time, but it is limited.

If she has nowhere else to hurry...

This happens: for 500 kilometers around-pitch fog and run out of kerosene. Flights are canceled, and at least permanently. It's time to choose a virgin and sacrifice her to the gods of weather and fuel. Especially since she is still in complete prostration and does not know what to do. And then you appear with a solo story about how it's a shame to miss the presentation of the world award "the most beautiful millionaire of the year", which was just awarded to you because of some kerosene. And if that was the case, wouldn't it be better to get out of this vile place and go somewhere else that wasn't so noisy, or so dirty, or so hopelessly depressing? If you have the courage and drive, you will be at your home in half an hour.


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