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How to meet a beautiful girl on the beach: the subtleties of communication at the resort

Summer, sea, beach — the perfect place and time to meet a beautiful girl. How to approach it? Where to start a conversation? This and much more will be discussed in our new article.

Why is it so easy to get acquainted at sea

People come to the resort to relax, have fun and meet new people. The beach atmosphere is conducive to casual communication, complete trust and fleeting resort romances. Therefore, if you are looking for a short-term relationship without obligations, the resort is just the perfect place. But it will be quite difficult to find a girl for a serious relationship here, since people come here from various parts of the country and even if You meet a great woman, it can easily turn out that she lives thousands of kilometers away from You.

What you need to do before you go to the resort

If you are going to meet on the beach, it would be nice to start to get in good shape. To do this, you can buy a subscription to the nearest fitness club 3-4 months before your trip to the resort. By the way, the gym is also a good place where you can meet beautiful girls. We talked about this in detail in the article: how to meet a girl in the gym.

How to start a conversation

So You came to the sea and finally got to the beach. How do I start a conversation? The easiest and most effective way is to ask a girl to put sunscreen on Your back. You can tell her that you can't reach yourself, and you don't want to ask other men. If the girl agrees, you can start a conversation with her and ask her out on a date in the evening.

Here are a few more different examples of how to start a conversation: "Hi. Let's build a sand castle together!" "Hi. Will you look after my towel while I bathe? Just look carefully — it is very valuable" (you need to say with a smile, so that she knows for sure that this is a joke) "Hi. Is such a model of a swimsuit now in fashion? What is it called? By the way it looks great on your figure" "Hi. I haven't been here long. Can you tell me how you can have a good evening here?" "Hi. How long have you been here?" Where can I have a snack here, so that it is delicious and without food poisoning?»

You can also use props for Dating. For example, a camera. You can walk on the beach and just take pictures of beautiful girls. Do this with a smile, so that they do not think that You are a maniac. On her questioning look, you can answer that You liked her and wanted to take a picture of her. Ask her to pose a little. If she agrees, you can easily translate a short photo session into a fascinating conversation, and then ask her out.

It is easier to meet girls on the beach than in other public places. The beach atmosphere promotes quick acquaintances and easy casual communication. All you need is to be positive and be generous with smiles and compliments.


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