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How to marry an Australian. Tips from Sydney

Probably one of the most frequent questions that the female half asks me is about marriage with foreigners. What nationalities are better, where to get acquainted, how to attract attention, lead to marriage and get what you want.

To begin with, there are different types of marriages.

There is marriage - to create a happy family and strong relationships, children, home, dog (category #1). And there is marriage-for moving to a better life or obtaining citizenship (category #2). Australia is a coveted country for many, just like America or other highly developed countries. And here the second type of marriage is quite common. There are girls who get divorced immediately after receiving citizenship, and there are those who have time to give birth to a child and then still claim part of the property after the divorce. Such women then begin to look for "happy and lasting relationships". In koto's case, such marriages really grow into happy families. Everyone has their own destiny in reality. If you are planning a marriage from kateriya number 2, then everything is really very simple. Russian wives of course fell a little in price on the foreign market. And in General, Russian girls now have a high maintenance tag. Especially if we are talking about attractive young girls with expensive handbags and requirements "in Chamonix". About the fact that actually riding in Chamonix is a dubious pleasure and that natural fur has long been out of trend and there are warmer alternatives, I will write later. According to recent statistics, men in astralia outnumber women by about 10%. This imbalance is often characteristic of immigration countries. And Australia still has an agricultural history and many remote farms simply do not have women. And I want children and a woman in the house. I don't encourage everyone to move to the Australian Outback right now, but there is something to think about. These farmers, by the way, are well-off people and no one prevents you from frequently flying to Europe/America on vacation or shopping. Here is a specialized Dating site for you.

There are a lot of educated, smart and pretty bachelors in big cities who are intimidated by Australian feminists. And often these people are quite simple, with a favorite dog and a house by the sea. That's right, so you don't have to go far to the ocean or the beach, to sunbathe or surf. For those who find Austria and lifestyle here tempting (one of the best countries to live in after all), there are numerous Dating sites. The most popular is probably RSVP. As well as well-known dating apps like Tinder and Okcupid. It is desirable to learn English after all. Although some manage to communicate in Google translate and then come to English courses paid for by the Australian state for newly arrived brides. The successful strategy is actually very simple, especially in my opinion, Australian men are less pretentious than European men. Russian Russian immigrants, who also want a Russian wife, are quite plentiful here if you want your own culture and language. And it is not even easy to find them here. They even go to Russia to bring their wife. So there are many options, there would be a desire and mood for a new life, as well as a willingness to learn a language and adapt to a new culture. Australians are generally open and fun people who love sports, an active lifestyle, beer and a barbecue near the beach. They dream of having a home, children, a dog and just enjoying life. But why strain, if such a luxury will enjoy the beauty and high salaries?


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