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A few tips on how to make professional acquaintances

Professionalism, responsibility, and luck-you need a lot to succeed in your work. Including Dating in the professional community. How to become a "connected person"? How to establish and maintain business relationships?

The theory of six degrees of separation in action

According To the research center of the recruitment portal Superjob.ru, 26% of Russians consider personal connections and acquaintances in the professional community to be a priority for a successful career. Another 62% believe that connections-although not the main thing for career growth, but still a good help. In fact, having connections means that you can always get a recommendation, hear good advice, and solve a complex issue with less time loss. This is why an applicant with a wide range of acquaintances can claim a slightly larger salary than his shy competitor. A professional community is a complex network of new and old acquaintances, friendships, rivalries, and family relationships. The ability to establish useful contacts is called networking (from the English "net" – network and "work" – work). This concept is based on the so-called six-handshake theory, developed in the 1960s by American sociologist Stanley Milgram and psychologist Jeffrey Travers. The essence of it is that each of us is indirectly familiar with any other inhabitant of the planet through a chain of common acquaintances. On average, this chain consists of six people. Calculate, for example, how many handshakes can separate you from the President of Russia or even from the Prince of Monaco? You will be surprised, but almost certainly the powerful will not be so far away. This means that the wider your circle of acquaintances, the more opportunities you have to "reach" people who are authoritative in your profession.

Welcome in advance

At the heart of proper networking is the principle: when making an acquaintance, first of all think not about how this person can be useful to you, but about how you can be useful to them. The willingness to do something good in advance makes the other person feel good about you, and it often results in unexpected "dividends". Remember that even casual acquaintances can be valuable for your career. For example, a new neighbor who you lent a hammer to or helped hammer in a nail works for the company of your dreams. And the girl who visits the fitness club with you is the Secretary of the head of the controlling organization.

The meeting place cannot be changed

However, such examples are more likely just a lucky combination of circumstances, whereas networking is the art of making business connections purposefully. Where and when is it most convenient to meet people? First of all-directly in the course of work. For example, a good plumber, going to the apartment to clients, always make a little more than what he is paid for. In accordance with the main rule of networking, he does not think about what the client can be useful to him, but about what he can be useful to the client. He will do a lot of little things that will endear him to the owners, for example, bring a change of shoes, change money for change, clean up after himself, and so on. When leaving, such an employee will certainly leave a business card. It is quite possible that in a couple of years he will have such an extensive network of clients that it will fit him to open a business. If we are talking about working in an office, then a great option for expanding the network of professional acquaintances is events that are just designed for business communication, such as professional conferences, forums, industry exhibitions, corporate parties. There are also advanced training courses, seminars or English lessons.

Questions, please...

Already at the stage of preparation for a conference, forum or exhibition, read the agenda. Note especially the interesting presentations and the people with whom you would like to meet you. Think ahead to topics that can be the starting point of a conversation during a break. Special attention should be paid to the questions that you will ask the speakers. A question after a speech is a very effective way to make professional connections: by asking, you show your interest in the topic of the speech and win the speaker over. Only you need to do it correctly: stand up, introduce yourself, name the company you work for, and then formulate a question. Even if the discussion unfolds, do not show aggression in any case: on the contrary, show maximum respect for the interlocutor. By participating in discussions at professional conferences and forums, you attract the attention of the most authoritative members of the professional community – those with whom you would hardly be able to communicate in another situation.

In continuation of the topic, I can say...

During the break, you can approach the speaker, exchange business cards and tell a little about yourself – what you do, what you can be useful to a new friend. Try at least a couple of times to address him by name or by first name and patronymic – thus you will show respect, and at the same time remember the interlocutor. It is not superfluous to write an email to a new friend the next day. In it, you can send any materials, links to the topic of yesterday's conversation, or just Express your satisfaction with the meeting. And don't forget to add the other person to your friends on social networks.

On a business card meet

We should also mention how it is customary to present and accept business cards. Depending on the circumstances of Dating, you can present it to a new friend immediately – in this case, the focus should be on your name and position or services that you provide. Or you can complete this acquaintance – then the focus will be on your contact information. Please note that adding a mobile phone by hand has long been considered a bad idea. When you receive a business card from your interlocutor, do not put it in your pocket without looking – this may offend the person. Pay attention – for example, ask which phone number is better to call. Based on the business cards you receive, it is useful to create a personal electronic database of contacts – indicating not only phone numbers and positions, but also birthdays, professional and personal interests, and perhaps even the marital status of friends. Any ties between people can be lost, or they can, on the contrary, grow stronger and grow into a fruitful cooperation, partnership, or even a real friendship. Make it a rule to maintain relationships with colleagues and partners, even if they become exes. If possible, provide services to them, communicate at events, in professional online communities and social networks. Congratulate them on their birthdays and professional holidays, and enjoy their success. Be sure that your attention will not go unnoticed.


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