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How to lie in bed with your loved one?

All couples in love just love to spend time together, appreciating every minute. Shut out from the outside world and all problems, you enjoy each other. There are many ways to spend a pleasant time together, but one of the best options is to spend time in bed, lying on soft silk sheets next to your loved one, gently embracing you.

According to many psychologists, when people, without thinking about anything, just lie in bed, it has a beneficial effect on their mood, calms the nervous system. You can see this for yourself. Spend at least one morning in bed with your loved one, do not rush anywhere, turn off your phone and tune in to the General wave. You will immediately notice how close you have become.

And to get the maximum pleasure from spending time together under a blanket, follow the following rules.

Comfortable temperature in the room

The room where you plan to spend time in bed should have an optimal temperature. This means that it should not be cold, since chills will prevent you from showing your feelings to the full.Excessive heat will also prevent you from enjoying each other. The room should be warm enough, but in no case hot.

Silk sheet

To make it pleasant for both of you,choose high-quality bed linen. A necessary element is a blanket, which is sure to be useful to you. With it, you can make a cozy love nest, if you do not want to hide. Or you may want to hide your head and indulge in love pleasures.

Take care of drinks and light snacks

A tray with drinks and light snacks should be prepared at arm's length from the bed. As a drink, you can use wine, cognac, champagne, tea or juice, if you do not like alcohol. Light snacks-fruit, cookies, sweets, ice cream, chocolate… You can experiment a little and prepare some exotic salad. But no vodka or beer, forget about the lard with garlic, no matter how much you like it your favorite. Drinks and food should have a pleasant smell and taste, corresponding to the atmosphere of bliss and love that will reign in your bedroom.

Close contact with a partner

Spending time together in bed implies close contact with each other. Have a nice conversation, open up, and gently hug and kiss. Don't forget to whisper sweet words in each other's ears. During breaks, you can have a little snack with the Goodies that you have prepared on a tray. Drink a little wine or a Martini, and raise a toast to the pleasant moments in your life.

Do something interesting

While lying in bed together, get involved in some interesting business. You may not believe it, but in addition to sex, which you will also definitely do, there are many more interesting things to do in bed. You can make plans for the future, read an interesting book or magazine together, write poems, draw each other or take photos.Be sure to try to do all these things. You will have only pleasant impressions and memories.

Modern people's lives are centered around the TV, and not a day goes by without it. So you can do without it for one day. Nothing should distract you from each other. To create a setting, you can turn on soft light music.

No one should distract you

If you decide to spend the day in bed, no one should distract you. Turn off your phones and tell your friends that you won't be home. Make sure that no one distracts you.

It seems that all the most important rules are listed. Learn to distract yourself from problems and enjoy each other!


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