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How to give an original phone: choose a mobile phone as a gift

What phone should I give a girl?

The puzzle is not easy – which phone to buy a girl? In fact, it's simple: design is everything. The gadget is designed (in addition to its main purpose) to emphasize the individual and complement the image. Almost all manufacturers produce a "women's" line. They differ in size, color solutions, and body treatment. It is rare to meet a girl who does not like to be photographed, so after the design, we pay attention to the camera. A front-facing camera is a must. Otherwise, how will the Queen of instagram show herself to the world?

The phone allows you to work to a woman from call to call

Giving a smartphone as a gift to your wife is a great idea. It is important to study the battery characteristics. Ladies usually like to talk. Accordingly, the battery must withstand the heat of passion. A nice bonus to your favorite girl will be a set of replaceable color panels.

What phone should I give a man?

Phone for man – instrument demonstration of "alfacalcidol", of self-worth. Such a "peacock's tail" in the conditions of civilization. Therefore, when choosing a phone for a gift to a man, follow a few simple rules. You can not bother much and act on the principle of "do not like it – I will give it", but you should not bet on this approach. Treat the choice with a heart, so that the surprise does not become unpleasant. Pay attention to the design, menu, and functions. Choose as your favorite, but not in the ladies ' color palette and with a fairly strict appearance.

Until recently, when smartphones with large displays came to the forefront, the mobile phone was the only one whose small size was a matter of male pride

Large screen-it is convenient to work with the keyboard. There should also be no problems with color: any model is usually available in several colors. Your option-black, gray, metallic (without risk). You can give your husband blue or maroon, if you know his tastes well. All sorts of lighting in the style of "Christmas tree-new year" - set aside: a serious person does not need it. Shape – the clearer the lines, the better. It is optimal if it is a monoblock with moisture-proof and shock-proof properties. Organizer, alarm clock, flashlight-it's all there in any modern communication device. When studying the "camera" option, remember that no phone camera can replace a full-fledged camera, so do not chase the number of pixels. Any camera will be enough to capture everyday moments. The main thing is that the phone should have an image, have a couple of fashionable functions and a stylish design. The rest is secondary. Giving a man a very expensive phone is like stating that he is financially insolvent, since he could not buy it for himself before.

The unrestrained rhythm of modern life implies that it would be good to receive as a gift not only nice and cute, but also really useful things. Clearly, this definition includes a mobile phone. It can be given to relatives, friends, and even colleagues. Like any other gift, it is important to present a cell phone as a gift, and at the same time make a surprise. In addition, you should take care to give the phone an original gift-it is interesting to pack it and hand it over solemnly.


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