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How to get on a private plane and not screw up

We ordinary people don't fly back and forth on private planes. But imagine that the head of a company or an Arab Sheikh invited you on Board — the first time it can be scary. To prepare you for this opportunity, Business Insider reporters spoke with Andrew Collins, CEO of Sentient Jet, a private jet rental company, and he gave some advice.

Don't be late

When you are flying on a regular commercial airline, security checks and various delays can stretch the flight for an entire day. Photos of times when traveling by plane was a privilege Here the situation is different, but this is not a reason to come exactly to the time of departure. Collins recommends arriving 20-30 minutes in advance, especially if the person who invited you on Board is waiting for you.

Fly light

According to Collins, the amount of Luggage space depends on the type of aircraft, but it is usually much less than on commercial flights. He recommends that passengers on private flights take as little baggage as possible, and this is especially important if you are invited to travel as a guest and you do not know what the host's plans are for Luggage.

Don't forget your passport at home

You will not have to pass the usual control at the airport, but if we are talking about an international trip, you will still need to show your passport. Collins says: "Sometimes newcomers forget their passport, and of course this creates problems."

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In addition, keep in mind that although water and other liquids can be brought on Board here, unlike on commercial flights, other rules regarding the transport of hazardous materials still apply.

Dress decently

When a person invites you on Board their plane, you as a passenger represent the host, so Collins recommends that you dress in a business suit. Of course, if you are flying with family or close friends, this is not necessary.

Don't let the owner down

Collins warns: "I often compare an invitation to Board a private plane with an invitation to a dinner party — the etiquette here is similar. For example, even though you are not on a commercial flight, you should not get too drunk."

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In addition, before you post any notes or photos on social networks, ask the host — often people value the privacy of private flights.


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