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How to get acquainted with Madrid

In fact, answering the question of how to get acquainted in Spain, it is best to immediately decide: to get acquainted for what? Because here is the dividing line between entertainment and serious relationship is particularly strong. In bars or discos filled with flirting couples, you are unlikely to find someone who went here to find their other half. Because in Spain, there is an unspoken rule: dancing separately, relationships separately.

Therefore, the vivid stories of former compatriots about passionate resort novels, in fact, the pure truth — it is really only resort novels. In which, of course, there are exceptions — sometimes such acquaintances grow into a long relationship, and even lead to a wedding. But the popular advice to a single Expat: "go to the nearest bar, you will definitely meet someone there", only half works. You will meet something, but you will lose it just as quickly. Well, Spaniards do not perceive such acquaintances as something serious.

On the streets or on public transport, it is also not accepted to get acquainted. To be honest, sometimes it seems that the Spaniards do not know how to do this. They will follow you with a long look, the boldest will even whistle: "Que guapa!» ("What a beauty"), but to come up and ask your name — no. The fact is that hot Spaniards have such characters and sharp tongues that they are able to discourage any desire for casual acquaintances. And no one dares to take risks with foreign women.

What remains? Well, first of all, the Spaniards are a southern people. And if you remember similar traditions of almost every southern country, the first thing that comes to mind is acquaintance by acquaintance. The daughter of your cousin's employee, your cousin's neighbor, and Maria Luisa's" very good niece " -this Dating system has been working properly for generations. Spaniards are sociable people, without complexes, and it is common to offer to marry the beautiful daughter of a new neighbor who has just moved to your area. And they do it so naturally that even in the head will not come to be offended. After all, from the heart, "we will not offer anything bad". Well, and I must say, in small towns and cities, most marriages are concluded in this way. You will literally be given a complete dossier on a potential groom, invite him to a common dinner, and then it's up to the young, as they say.

A more modern way and more and more gaining momentum is online Dating. According to one of the sociological agencies, today about 25 percent of men and women in the Kingdom get acquainted through special sites. They are here-for every taste and color. The most popular and the most reliable ones are paid ones. for the right to use such a site, you need to pay an average of about 10 euros for a subscription immediately for six months. But the result is worth it — when registering, the participant is asked about 100 detailed questions, clarifying everything from musical taste to religious and philosophical views.

Potential candidates are selected based on the responses. Despite the popular opinion about Spaniards as hot macho men who do not give passage to every beauty they meet, in fact, they are often quite timid and indecisive. That is more than compensated by means of Internet Dating, where it seems that a sharp refusal of the young lady you like is not so terrible. This is probably the explanation for the fact that Spanish men on Dating sites "live" on average 10 percent more than women. So the chance to find your other half in the world wide web is really high.


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