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How to find a girl for a boring engineer

I recently worked with one of my students, Konstantin Nikolaevich. He managed to seduce a girl on a piece of paper so that on the second date they already had sex. And this despite the fact that all the girls had previously called him "boring", and he had never had a second date with anyone… What happened?

Konstantin Nikolaevich is not just an engineer

In his early 30s, he managed to work at AVTOVAZ (God forgive me), Ford, and even Toyota. Well, that is the person with the hands, as they say. Reasonable, simple and, despite his work, positive) He told me that everyone goes on the first date, but only he and his little stuffed rabbit (a birthday present from his sister, with a hint of success) go on the second.+ Our hero's dates are always the same — he just talks about his work. That's all. With someone in greater detail, with someone a little less — but always with the same effect. The girls smile, but don't call again. I say to Konstantin Nikolaevich — " my friend, to assemble a shitty car, you need to make a chain of sequential actions. Right? To build a cool car — you also need to make a chain of sequential actions, only a few others» He understood at once. Years of working for AVTOVAZ did not affect his mind. I was lucky. No sooner said than done. What did we do?

He used blanks

Prescribed a chain of actions starting from the call, ending with the escort to the entrance. What and what should go. Each date had a block with different interesting blanks. I was wildly interested in whether a man with a boring life could charm a girl just by preparing in advance.+ And so we step-by-step described the entire first date. Right on the minute. Here is a surprise, then an intrigue, then a story, then a compliment, etc. This can be omitted, according to the situation, and this should be mandatory. In General, the plan was ready. It's time to act!

Early result

Leon Nikolaevich made a copy of the structure and sent it to me. It turned out well) And in fact — in 30-tnik with a piece of paper on the phone — everyone can do it. Time to go on a date. Properly dressed. Correctly met. Positive, compliment, chip. The girl is not smiling. Nikolaich's condition is vague. Well, OK — let's go further.+ Sat down. Went the first surprise. The girl is not surprised. Compliment. History. Hook. The degree of communication has increased! Next, we give the initiative to the girl — let her open up. Discloses. Yes, even as-touched on the topic of guys on dates. In the end, the phrase: "Ummm ... you know...you're a little weird, but cool."

Victory! "I want more»

Yes! Daaaaaa! It was worth it!! For the FIRST time in 3 years!! Weird, but cool!! Bingo!! So calmly. Breathe. It's time to close the meeting to enable the "I want more" mechanism. Close. The girl herself (!) asks when Nikolaich is free during the week. Thursday night. Arrange a meeting. The girl is a little annoyed that everything ended so quickly. Yes, my girl, the deadline is a powerful thing)) As the exhaust — in the morning 4 texts and rushed. The second and third were also prescribed. I'm talking about Dating. Only there was no third. She asked him to fix her car. Washing. From breakdowns-the button stuck. Exactly 8 minutes he repaired the unit. After that, tea and cognac.

Exactly 2 toasts and the girl sat on top of him

So ended the experiment that became a turning point in the life of Konstantin Nikolaevich-an engineer at the Toyota automobile plant in St. Petersburg. Salt — if you are boring-just use the right technology. And then you have to go to visit girls, fix their washing machines))


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