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How to build a harmonious relationship?

In a harmonious relationship, both partners are harmonious. You can not create a harmonious and healthy relationship if only one person tries, if he loves life, loves himself and his partner, accepts the partner's shortcomings, and the partner is insecure, depressed and with low self-esteem, and even criticizes the other for some shortcomings. Harmony is born in love, between strong and confident people who go to a common goal.

There is no recipe for a harmonious, ideal, long and beautiful relationship. Each pair goes their own way. Each person makes a choice, bears their own responsibility, and if in a couple both people are self-sufficient and love each other, then the relationship will be harmonious. In a harmonious relationship, do not humiliate, do not change, do not betray and do not lie. This is a relationship where you don't have to explain, prove, or invent anything. Partners understand each other easily ," without words", trust and trust each other, find the right words of support, advise each other if they are asked, and allow the partner to decide for himself if he did not ask for advice. Such relationships are based on love, respect, acceptance and decent behavior of each of the partners.

Therefore, in order to build such a relationship, you must first find harmony in yourself. And understand whether the partner is ready for a harmonious relationship, self-acceptance and development. If so, over time, harmony in the relationship will appear, but if one of the partners will stand still, the second will simply outgrow it, this relationship will not be necessary for him.

The brains of men and women are different, so their psychology is also different. When entering into a relationship, everyone pursues their own goal and this goal does not always coincide. Therefore, girls are very often disappointed in the relationship. To achieve harmony in a relationship with a man, you need painstaking work, which requires correct behavior and, accordingly, actions. There are no instructions for relationships, but there is the experience of generations of women who have created strong marriages.

General recommendation

At the beginning of a relationship, a girl should not write and call first. Psychology says that men are the breadwinners. The more inaccessible the victim, the more interesting. The next rule is not to rush to respond to his messages immediately, especially in the first stages. Don't meet every day. This will allow a man to appreciate the moments spent.

You need to work on the relationship every day, based on the above components. Most people believe that there is no need to strain yourself in this area.

Ideal relationships are built on seven components, which include:

respect; love; trust; support; loyalty; honesty; communication.

You need to work on the relationship every day, based on the above components. Most people believe that there is no need to strain yourself in this area.

Don't cling to a person who doesn't fit. Many girls are convinced that they will not meet a decent person, so they are in a burdensome relationship. If the inner voice says that this is not the right person, it is worth listening to it.


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