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How to become the wife of a Hollywood star.

Becoming the wife of a Hollywood star is the dream of many unmarried girls. Favorite actors attract you with the magnet of their attractiveness, success, and fame. How to make your dream come true? And is there a chance for a simple girl to become the wife of a world-famous personality? Not a man-dream! Before you start an active plan of action to win the heart of a Hollywood star, it is necessary to identify the most attractive grooms from the world of cinema. He showed his sharp teeth, and the whole beautiful half of humanity melted before his charming smile. The most famous vampire in the world is Robert Pattinson. The young 27-year-old actor has repeatedly become the hero of various publications. The whole world is watching his affair with Kristen Stewart. The couple splits, reconciles, splits again. As long as Robert's passport does not mention marriage, his fans can hope that one of them can still make the idol forget Kristen. Robert's Hobbies: the young man likes to play football, ski and snowboard. If you can't show off your culinary skills, don't worry about it: Pattinson prefers fast food. It is worth bearing in mind that Robert is not distinguished by exemplary behavior: at the age of 12, he was even expelled from school. However, the reason is not known to anyone, and who knows, maybe the actor will tell you exactly what he did! Another star of the "Twilight" Saga, whose look can drive even the Snow Queen crazy. Taylor Lautner is only 21 years old, but young age does not prevent the young handsome man from breaking women's hearts. The place of his permanent girlfriend is still vacant, so you have the opportunity to take it. In order to increase your chances of success, it is worth remembering that Taylor loves volleyball and baseball, and is fond of karate. For filming in "Twilight" Lautner had to work hard to build muscle and show off the cubes on the press. Another charming werewolf loves to dance, so a dance party can be an ideal place for a first date.

35-year-old Josh Hartnett is still searching for his soul mate. The charming actor managed to conquer more than one Hollywood beauty. Josh can boast of these trophies, like Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, singer Rihanna. But none of these girls were able to make Josh fall in love with himself enough that he decided to propose with an engagement ring. Maybe the secret is that Harnett has a simple character, the guy does not like pretentiousness, he is alien to star disease. And the girl Josh is looking for is the same: modest, balanced, loving nature and animals.

Harnett has repeatedly admitted that Russia is very close to him in spirit. He loves Dostoevsky's work and reads his novels. So Russian girls who want to link their fate with Josh should read the classic once again, as well as train in painting and football. Paul Walker is another eligible Hollywood bachelor. The blue-eyed blond has already established himself as a talented actor, successful producer, and popular model. In addition to movies, another passion of Paul is the sea element. Perhaps if he hadn't dedicated his life to the film industry, he could have become a brave Navigator or a daring pirate. Even The floor's favorite color is blue. Remember this if you are going to win a famous actor: put on your best sea-green dress, grab a surfboard and go to conquer this peak named Paul!

Just do not think to ask Walker for an autograph — the actor does not like this, as well as all sorts of press conferences, interviews, noisy parties and, oddly enough, movies with his participation. Young, stylish, talented. These three epithets best describe the actor ed Westwick. 25-year-old ed had already been married, but they did not live long with renie diamond. An affair with Jessica Zor made the actor utter the following words: "Girls bring too many headaches." But do not rush to despair, most likely, ed just met the wrong girls, you will definitely be able to conquer him and become the one and only for him. Now for Westwick, the first place is work, the actor works hard, devoting very little time to rest. His heart will be able to win only the same purposeful representative of the fair sex, who sets clear goals for themselves.

How to meet a Hollywood star These examples clearly demonstrate that the best place to meet an idol is various cafes or restaurants. The main thing is to find out what institution your favorite star frequents, and periodically visit it. The best option is to get a job there, then the chances of success will increase many times. Believe me, your "star" hour will come when the idol will sit down at a table, you will come up with the menu, and he will look into your eyes and understand that this is the meeting he has been waiting for all his life. Another option for Dating is to try acting as an extra, in a movie with your favorite bachelor. You may be noticed not only by a potential fiance, but also by the Director of the film, who, perhaps, after seeing your performance, will immediately offer the main role in a Hollywood blockbuster. You can meet your idol at the airport. Stars spend a lot of time on flights, and, for sure, the actor will enjoy spending time with a pleasant conversation with a new friend. The main thing is to show yourself on the positive side, to demonstrate your intelligence and erudition. The only problem: find out exactly when and where your favorite actor plans to fly. The rest is a matter of technique.

Where else can you meet a popular actor, if not in the movies? I mean, in a movie theater. The premiere of a movie with the participation of an idol is a great opportunity to get acquainted and ask a few questions. You can even pretend to be a journalist to attract attention. Think about everything you will say to your idol in advance. He should remember you as a bright spot in a series of faceless interlocutors. Under the pretext of an interview, ask for his phone number, and the next day you can safely call the actor and make an appointment. Hollywood stars are the same people, they want to love and be loved, to give their loved ones warmth and care. Show your idol how good it will be with you, and then the proposal with the ring will not take too long to wait. .Enjoy Traveling


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