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How to become an oligarch's mistress. 6 basic rules!

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Any rich man is happily married, but this does not prevent him from looking at a new breed of mistresses for a long time, and he clearly does not choose words when talking about the complexities of the personal life of oligarchs.

"You should understand that oligarchs usually have really ugly piggy wives, whom they met at the Institute, who loved them even before they had money and success. When there is money, piggy understands that she is a pig, and her husband realizes that this piggy is the only one who believes in him, and neither of them wants to lose this stability, so piggy gives him the opportunity to have fun and turns a blind eye to the fact that he has a mistress." What is necessary to become a mistress for an oligarch? Some recommendations are published by InoPressa. Forget about natural beauty Careful makeup is necessary at any time of the day. Don't forget about straightening your hair and high heels. Clothing should be bright and provocative. Jeans and track pants are excluded. It is almost impossible to overdo your clothes and make-up. For a date in a restaurant, floor-length dresses are suitable. Keep up a continuous barrage Phone calls, emails, text messages – he wants to make sure that you are thinking about him every minute, anywhere, and that you are completely devoted to him. Rewrite your entire intimate biography. Even if you were married and had a lot of children before you met him, pretend to be a virgin. Wait. Never rush it and never grumble. Let him be in charge Be ready for artless, but energetic sex. No power struggle. No role-playing games. And don't expect oral sex from him. Not wait. Promise him one thing Even if it's the last thing you're going to do, promise to give him a son.

tart Smoking While he is talking business with his friends, you will need something to do. Don't try to flirt with other men Even if you only see him once a month, never tell him anything about others. He is a monstrous hypocrite, and in his eyes your loyalty should be taken for granted. The main thing is to accept everything as it is Do not create scandals in any case. There is no truth in this, so it is pointless to try to get an honest answer from him. Accept this relationship for what it is: passionate, funny, and fake. As soon as you want more, quit the game.

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