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How sex is good for your health

It is wrong to focus only on the fact that sex is good physical education. Yes, during sexual intimacy, the metabolism accelerates. But the average duration of sexual contact is small. Half an hour is an unrealistic number for most ordinary people. Only young people are capable of sexual marathons, and even then not at the expense of one, but several sexual rounds or under the influence of stimulants. In ordinary life, it is the physical costs of sex that are not so great and are comparable only to a 5-minute jog at best. So do not expect to lose weight. But sex gives us much more. Here are just a few reasons to make love with your partner. Trains the cardiovascular system, and in a physiological mode. At the same time, men who have regular sexual relationships live longer — this is already a scientifically proven fact. But sex is not a panacea, but only one of the elements of a healthy lifestyle. And it is clear that with an attack of angina or an arterial crisis, it will not be useful, but harm is possible. Relieves stress and depression. Sex is a very powerful tool for improving mood. The fact is that during intimacy, special substances are released — endorphins, or hormones of joy and happiness. Our brain seems to be telling us: "You participate in the reproduction process, I approve of it, it's useful, here's your reward." As a result of the pleasure received, the bad mood goes away — and we are ready to enjoy life again.

Increases your self-esteem and to some extent gives you the opportunity to assert yourself. If a woman understands that she is desirable, then she looks more confident. A person who is deprived of regular sexual contact, more often falls into depression, he forms inferiority complexes. Increases your attractiveness. The desire to have a regular sex life, as a rule, makes a woman and a man take more care of themselves — for their health, appearance, and physical shape. Slim women are more sexually desirable. According to the latest data, the most attractive for men are young ladies with a body mass index from 17 to 20 (weight in kilograms divided by height squared in meters). They think that the slimmer a woman is, the younger she is. And the fatter you are, the older you are. Overweight women are less attractive to most men. And men with excess weight are inactive-both physically and sexually. So those who want to have sex, do not spend time on the couch in front of the TV or computer. Relieves insomnia. Sex is the best natural, harmless sleeping pill. If the day was very stressful, and in my head all the time spinning thoughts about work and prevent you from falling asleep, then sex will become an anti-stress medication, help you forget about everything in the world and fall asleep sweetly. Helps you quit Smoking. If your hand reaches for a cigarette after a hassle, it is better to do something more useful-love. So, you will see, and gradually get rid of the bad habit.

Strengthens close relationships in the family, strengthens emotional intimacy. If the spouses do not have sexual contacts, then the family environment is not the most friendly, which affects the attitude to children. If a man is dissatisfied, irritated, he begins to take out anger on others, including children. And it is unlikely that you will get flowers and gifts from him. Makes you smarter and younger. Making love makes the brain work better and makes people smarter. According to a study by American scientists, sex increases the level of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which stimulate the activity of the gray matter. Also, statistics show that a woman who has sex at least 4 times a week looks 10 years younger. "This was known before. We measured the state of the brain with the help of instruments, — confirms Dmitry Woodrow, psychologist, author of books on neuro-linguistic programming. — During sex, the right hemisphere, responsible for emotions, is overexcited so much that the brain turns on the function of protective inhibition, and this helps to eliminate acid from the brain. As a result, brain function improves, stress levels decrease, and well-being improves."

Sex in numbers and facts

15 liters of sperm is produced by one man in a lifetime. 137 sexual acts per year - for the average Frenchman, 107-for the Russian. The Japanese do it the least often-46 times a year. On average, a woman experiences 1.4 hours of orgasm over a lifetime, compared to 9.3 hours for a man. 75% of sudden deaths during intimacy occurred with people who made love to someone other than their spouse.


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