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How much does innocence cost? The most expensive virgins in the world

Innocence has always been a priceless gift that a girl gives to her lover on their wedding night. Well, at least it was. Now in our time, where everything is bought and everything is sold, enterprising girls have decided to sell their innocence to the highest bidder.

Katy Cobblers

A 24-year-old American woman from Texas decided to part with her virginity. A valuable lot appeared on eBay and instantly caused a lot of controversy. According to Katie, this step was prompted by a huge amount of debt. The girl asked the perverts not to bother her, since getting the first sexual experience should take place in a comfortable environment for her. Several people at once agreed to become buyers of the offered product, having given at the same time 100 000 dollars.

Natalie Dylan

Natalie put her virginity on the market with the help of a legal brothel. This action came after Natalie learned that her sister had earned several thousand dollars in just three weeks as a prostitute. The girl publicly announced the start of the auction in a live broadcast of a famous TV show. Soon, Natalie was able to sell her innocence for $ 3,700,000.

Raffaella Fico

Looking at the candid photos of a 20-year-old model, it's hard to imagine that at this age she was still innocent. However, all her family in one voice claimed that the model is virgin. Rafaella put her virginity up for auction, wanting $ 1,800,000

Garsiel Ataco

The Peruvian model of Gariala Ataco in desperate need of money and have nothing better to do than to sell your virginity. But thoroughly Catholic Peruvians were not persuaded to stop their condemnations even by the fact that the money was needed for the treatment of the girl's mother. Under this pressure, the model deleted the ad without accepting any offers. A month later, the persistent canadian was ready to transfer $ 1,500,000 to the girl's account, but she pointedly refused. Immediately, the Peruvians again began to condemn Garciela and accuse her of wanting to become famous in any way. But the model said that she was very serious, since there is no work for models in the country at all.

Catarina Migliorini

Katherine is originally from Brazil. The girl became famous by selling her virginity for 780,000 dollars. The winner of the auction was a resident of Japan, whose identity remains anonymous. Under the terms of the deal, the meeting was to take place on a plane that would fly over international waters to avoid any charges. Katarina claims that her act has nothing to do with prostitution. She plans to spend the money she earned on building homes for poor families in her hometown.

Elizabeth Rain

The American woman of 27 years claims that she kept her virginity and still has not had serious relationships with men. On this occasion, Elizabeth decided to put a valuable lot up for auction and earn more than $ 400,000. She's not interested in relationships. Rain imagines a clear plan for the day of the transaction: a 12-hour date, at the end of which she will lose her virginity. The girl plans to transfer 30% of the total amount earned to the account of a charity that helps women from developing countries to get an education. She posted a photo of her figure so that the buyer could immediately assess the quality of the lot.

Alina Percha

At the age of 18, Alina left Romania and went to study in Germany. Because of the language barrier, it was difficult for the student to find a job. Inspired by the high-profile case of Natalie Dylan, Alina decided to sell her virginity for $ 70,000. But expectations were not met, and she was able to get just $ 14,000 from the 45-year-old Italian. The man paid for the girl's airfare to Venice, conducted a tour of the city and rented a luxury hotel room. Alina was forced to undergo two medical examinations, which proved that at the time of her arrival in Venice, she was a virgin.

Rosie Reid

In 2004, an English student took a desperate step. Claiming that she does not have enough money to pay for her studies, she places an ad for the sale of her virginity. Rosie pointed out that she had never kissed a man. More than 2,000 people responded to the ad. Rosie chose a 44-year-old engineer who offered the highest bid: $ 13,000. The transaction took place in one of the rooms of a London hotel. Rosie later admitted that her story wanted to draw the government's attention to the problem of expensive London education.

18-year-old girl from Krasnoyarsk

Sell your virginity, you need the amount of 800,000 rubles. Money is needed urgently, so I sell the most intimate. I agree to meet even tomorrow! I agree to be checked." Here is an ad that is bound to succeed. Yevgeny Volnov, a well — known prankster from Runet, agreed to such an extravagant offer, paying even more than the required amount-900 thousand rubles.


A new Zealand student, known only by the nickname UniGirl, found herself in a difficult financial situation. What do you think it's about? That's right — she had absolutely nothing to pay for her studies at the University. The girl found a way out of the situation by selling her virginity at an online auction for 32 thousand dollars. The final price led the girl to a real shock, and in the comments, she admitted that she did not even count on such luck.

Alexander Stepanov.

Who said that only female virginity is valued? A Russian guy took part in the same TV project "virgins are Required". Alexander decided to participate in the program in order to get rid of shyness and get rid of clinical depression. The Austrians promised the guy 20 thousand dollars for the right to remove his emotions at a crucial moment. He himself said that he dreams of a girl with a Latin American appearance, a shy brunette. But male virginity was not so valuable — it was paid only 3,600 dollars, but the Brazilian Nene b did it. Of the eight applicants, seven represented this country at all.


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