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How love is good for health: research by scientists

We have already told you more than once about the health benefits of sex. But now, with the help of the latest research by scientists, we have decided to find out what is useful for health... love. Yes, it is the kind of love that makes butterflies fly up in a whirlwind in your stomach and think about your loved one for days on end!

Moreover, it will not only be about love for your partner. If you love your parents or grandparents, your sisters and brothers, your children, your close friends — all this will also have a positive effect on our health and well-being. Why? We look into this in more detail based on the latest research conducted by specialists, doctors and scientists in various fields.

Love lowers blood pressure

It would seem that everything should be the opposite: the presence of a loved one nearby increases the heart rate, which means that it provokes an increase in blood pressure. But it's not that simple. First of all, this sincere feeling relieves stress — by allowing our muscles to relax. Secondly, along with an increase in heart rate, blood vessels also expand — which means that blood pressure will not increase. When a loved one is near you or in sight, the pulse gradually subsides, but the vessels continue to remain dilated for some time. So, this is a great way to lower your high blood pressure and avoid many health problems. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the Department of health in the United States, who observed married couples. Happy couples had much lower blood pressure on average than those couples who were unhappy in their marriage.

Love increases the immune system

We are all familiar with the situation when your partner becomes ill — this inevitably leads to your infection, because you can not refuse hugs, kisses, and just banal being near. But if it is not about the transmission of the virus, but about everyday communication, in most cases, a relationship with a loved one can increase immunity, not lower it. Anyway, during body contact, hugs, kisses and sex, the exchange of bacteria and microflora occurs. Therefore, as a rule, the diseases in the pair will be identical. But at the same time, the number of useful antibodies increases, allowing you to fight infections and maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. And in a happy relationship, partners produce a large amount of oxytocin — the so-called attachment hormone. It is he who has the ability to suppress negative external influences that lead to constant frequent diseases.

Love prolongs life

The Institute for the study of life expectancy (Yes, there is one in the United States) has conducted interesting research, which found that those couples who are happy with their marriage, appreciate, respect and love their partner, live much longer. The absence of stress, discontent (both explicit and hidden), quarrels, as well as mutual understanding and support of a loved one contribute to a longer life — said the scientists. In particular, happy couples not only live longer, but also suffer less often from such "senile" ailments as atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, joint problems (arthritis and arthrosis), dementia, etc.

Love helps you lose weight

Have you noticed that when you fall in love, you immediately lose a few pounds? This is easily explained. The body gets into a state of stress, but this stress, despite the fact that it also provokes the production of adrenaline — is positive, not negative. In other words, the emotions you experience and the jolts that can't be avoided if a person is really interesting to you (especially at the very beginning of a relationship) can really activate your metabolism and calorie expenditure. So feel free to fall in love and lose weight! And also-have sex, because this pleasant activity can replace fitness. However, scientists from Harvard medical school claim that the most effective way to lose weight is not the process of sexual intercourse itself, but the resulting orgasm.

Love eliminates depression

Unrequited love, of course, can provoke depression, not eliminate it. But really, love is mutual is able to completely heal many of the nervous diseases and even mental disorders. American scientists have even invented a special scale by which you can determine how much a person is prone to depression. So, happy couples, even without being married, showed a clear advantage over those who did not love and did not have a permanent partner. On this scale, they were subject to depression about 3-4 points less (about 20-25%) than those who did not know love. In addition, love provokes chemical reactions in the body and the production of a large number of hormones that positively affect the nervous system, strengthen the psyche, get rid of depressive States and neuroses and make a person more stress-resistant.


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