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Remember how in one of the episodes of "the big Bang Theory" Sheldon and Amy decide to take their relationship to a new stage and have a turtle? This is what psychologists advise you to do when a couple realizes that they are ready for something more, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. Buying a pet can bring them closer together and tests their relationship to the fortress. But before you go to the pet store, you need to make sure that you are happy to accept the following changes in your life together:

Your decisions will become less spontaneous

With the purchase of a shared pet, your life will become more planned. You will no longer be able to jump in the car after work and go out of town for the weekend – after all, at home you will be waiting for your favorite kitten or puppy, which you need to feed and walk.

You will have to split the obligations

The appearance of a pet in the house, as a rule, brings new troubles to the couple's life, which will have to be shared. Someone will take over the morning walks with the pet and training, and someone will clean and train to the tray. Taking care of the animal will teach you to help each other and take responsibility for your actions.

Life will be more fun

Pets are the best antidepressants. They can cheer up anyone with their foolishness. And what could be better than to laugh together over a funny trick that your favorite has committed?

You will have less free time

The extra fifteen minutes we love to spend in bed in the morning will have to be spent walking the dog. And half an hour to update the feed in Instagram – to clean the fish tank. But this has its own advantage – you can do these things together with your loved one, along the way discussing plans for the week.

Jealousy may appear in your relationship

Stupid, but true: some people become jealous of their partner's pet. And also-a pet to a partner. This usually happens in the first days, when you are not yet used to the changes that have occurred. A little sobriety and patience – and everything will definitely get better!

You will discover new positive and negative qualities in your partner

If the partner seems reliable to you, it is possible that after buying a pet together, you will find out the opposite. The opposite may also happen: a selfish and infantile boyfriend will awaken fatherly feelings and awareness of responsibility for someone's life.

It will be harder for you to break up

Leaving for a weekend with your mother or taking a break in your relationship will be more difficult – you will have to agree on who your pet will stay with and how often you will be able to see them. Perhaps, after a long negotiation, you will not want to part at all – after all, the three of you are more than a couple, more like a small family.


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