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How do men from Europe relate to Slavic women

In Western Europe (for those who do not know — we are Eastern Europe for them), Slavs, unfortunately, are really held primarily for the available body… Whether Russians, Ukrainians or representatives of some other neighboring countries of the former CIS-it does not matter. The opinion of European men about us, to put it mildly, is not very good. They are afraid of our "sharks" like the plague, and often with good reason. Since when our people come to conquer another country of the West, women, indeed, in the struggle for survival in an unfamiliar country and for the opportunity to somehow cling to it-go over their heads! They behave prudently, extremely Mercantile, often running from one to the better / richer at the speed of sound.

It is easy to guess that the feelings here are not a question of our women — there is a struggle for survival. Western men see all this and understand it perfectly. Don't take them for idiots. That's the attitude they have after this to our women is appropriate… Therefore, for once or twice somewhere in the resort, in the unpretentious Egypt/Turkey/Greece, they can get laid, because why not get laid, if our people give it easily and simply, almost on the first day??? But serious relationships are avoided and generally shied away from our, as from shingles. I'm not saying that all Slavs are like this, but the percentage of those who come to "conquer Europe" is terrifyingly high! Very large. Naturally, a European has an opinion about the representatives of the former CIS countries, as complete Mercantile bitches, cold and calculating, who will just run away for a tighter purse to a more promising neighbor-a compatriot…

... so at the resorts-we are considered as affordable and cheap meat, and if we talk about a serious relationship with a man from Western Europe, I will say this: You will have TO long (!) and painstakingly convince and prove that you are not a predator from Rashi, but an independent woman/girl who, as they say, "themselves with a mustache" and does not chase material goods, his wallet, his residence permit, etc. I speak from personal experience, since for exactly 2 years I love just the same guy from Western Europe (Italy)and all that I wrote above is all that I had to face on my own skin and for a long, long and painstaking time to prove to him "that I am not like this" and that I have no plans to move to their wonderful country And that no visas, residence permits, etc. - I don't need any shit! And it was necessary to prove it even, actually, not so much to him, as to his environment (parents, relatives, friends). And only now, after 2 years of hard, painstaking work, real image work on myself, through such a long way, I have gained respect and weight in their eyes. I gained real respect when I transparently demonstrated/proved in practice that I absolutely do not need money (I earn quite well myself), and I am not going to move to them (the pure truth).

That's just how, in their eyes, I washed away this unpleasant image of "poor Slavs" who "went" to their country to "hunt". This was very difficult to do, but two higher education (in the process of getting a third), the presence of good English, good manners and a complete lack of material dependence on it (rather the opposite) - helped me in this. There are a lot of Ukrainian women in Italy… Just darkness. Unfortunately, the vast majority (!) of them work there in the field of sex services, Striptease and other spheres of activity that do not add points to us… And for Western Europe, that Russian, that khokhlushka — one color. That is, the same eggs only in profile — do not distinguish.


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