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How do I meet a foreigner and have an affair with them? Holland

Your destination is Amsterdam.

In the introductory part, I have already told you what typical Dutch people look like. And now let's figure out how to get to know a tolerant resident of Amsterdam closer and what to expect from him. I have collected tips for you on how to behave in order to meet a Dutchman, start a romantic relationship with him (and break it off at your request) and get a marriage proposal.

What is your guide to Amsterdam?

Calm, sometimes even shy. But internally very relaxed and tolerant. How else could it be in the most democratic country in the world? He almost never lies. He is incredibly hard-working, but not enthusiastic. Most likely, he will act clearly according to the job description, rather than show miracles of creativity. The Dutch like to work and relax on a schedule. His life is super-organized. Most likely, he is an ascetic. No, he is not greedy (in his opinion), he just does not understand why you need to spend money on extra food or things. Small pleasures are not for him. True, constant savings can be replaced by severe bouts of extravagance. The Dutch man is very rational, including in relationships. Most of all, he values inner freedom — both his own and someone else's. He's not very passionate, but he's very reliable. The Dutch are one of the most loyal men in the world.

How do I meet a Dutchman?

Please note that if you are walking down the street or sitting in a cafe, the Dutchman may not dare to meet you. The thing is that here the first approach to meet usually ... girls. So, go ahead! Feel free to meet yourself. Almost all Dutch people speak excellent English, and many people also know French and German, so you won't have any problems communicating. The Dutch are very polite and will always stop if you ask them for a small favor, such as showing you the way. If you are shy, try this: rent a bike. Pretend that you have a small breakdown (for example, a chain has fallen off or the lock has jammed). Now it remains to look around and ask to stop with a request to help the most cute Dutchman of those who pass by on their bicycles.

How do I arrange a date?

He will be happy if you make a date for him. Ask him to show you Amsterdam at night.

What are you waiting for?

A trip to the best discos in Amsterdam. Tour of coffee shops and the red light district. Romantic walks along the canals and bike rides through the Tulip fields.

How to behave?

Show the initiative. Dutch girls are very independent, and young people in the Netherlands are used to girls taking the lead in relationships. Don't take this as a sign of weakness. It's just that the Dutch are used to the fact that excessive liberties on their part (and in our opinion, just an innocent flirtation and nice compliments) can be taken by Dutch girls with hostility. Therefore, do not expect from him beautiful words in the name of love, he prefers concrete actions.

How do I have sex with him?

Go (you can go with him, or you can make a surprise) to the nearest sex shop and buy all the toys that you have long wanted to try. I assure you, he knows how to use them. In this country, there are no taboos around sex. On the other hand, the Dutch are not eager to experiment in sex, because if everything is possible-it is not so interesting, right? Spontaneous sex or in unusual places-Dutch men do not like it. Don't worry, its "non-inventiveness" will more than pay off with its lack of selfishness.

How do I get an offer?

The Dutch man is not looking for an exemplary housewife and cook. He likes women who are independent, smart, and successful. He will not object to your work (rather, on the contrary). The Dutch husband will be happy to babysit and cook dinner. The Dutch love sincerity in relationships. Be honest with him. Tell him about your life plans and career aspirations. If you really love him, tell him that it will be much more profitable to live together than separately. Most likely, he will agree with you. Very often, young Dutch people prefer to live in a civil marriage until they are ready to have children.

How to part with it?

If you only meet — be frivolous and wasteful, capricious and selfish. Express your emotions as strongly as possible — it's good, for example, to laugh or cry out of the blue. Throw tantrums from scratch. Be late for dates. If you live together, turn on the heating throughout the house at least 25 degrees. Refuse to ride a Bicycle. Lose your accounts. And on principle, refuse to start a diary. Perhaps his patience will run out.


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