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How do dates with millionaires end?

How do dates with millionaires end? This raises another question: "should they end in something special?" But in any case, the outcome of Dating depends on the character of this very millionaire, the character of the lady he asks out, and, finally, on the intentions of both. It is stupid to deny that almost no girl in her right mind and firm memory will refuse the prospect of becoming a millionaire's wife. So her plans are clear. What about the millionaire? But this depends on how the girl presents herself.

1. The millionaire, as a rule, is not a fool. If, of course, the fabulous wealth did not fall on his head in the form of an inheritance. Although, in this case, it is possible and such a nuance: a worthy son of worthy parents, who graduated from Cambridge or another, no less prestigious "Alma mater", also can not be a fool. But if we are talking about a person who is initially not rich, step by step increasing their wealth, honest or not, in a way, then it is better for the hunters of wealth to switch to the infantile major. But the one who built welfare himself, first of all, sees through people and is able to calculate the situation for many moves ahead. Otherwise, where are the millions from? And such ladies do not need to figure out the mind of a large one. Second, he values his blood money too much to throw it at the feet of another greedy lady.

As a man healthy and with normal needs of the body, he will not refuse a night or two, at best, a light novel "on a commercial basis", but that's all. And if the hormones hit his head enough to Wake up and see this "native" face, he will take care of the marriage contract in every way. 2. Since a worthy millionaire calculates people at the expense of "once", he also recognizes a good, kind, sincere girl. That one has all the chances to become a newly minted co-owner of factories-Newspapers-steamships. And the dates will end in the most favorable way for her.

3. And what about the already mentioned major, Barchuk, and in Russian, the son of rich parents who do not want to go to different there oxfords-Harvard-Cambridge? But this candidate will be simpler, even for a "huntress", even for a simple positive girl. Each of them has its own methods, but any of them will most likely wait for the desired diamond ring. However, if such a millionaire has not yet worked up, it is very difficult to lure him to the registry office. But in General, it is possible. 4. it is Impossible not to note among millionaires men who practice sex "on the Amateur". The traditional one is already a bit bland and boring for them. And a lot of money, they say, makes everything better. Girls-that on dates run joyfully, having previously brushed the feathers carefully, not even knowing that the perfect and expensive styling will be spilled "Golden rain" (not from coins!), and the delicate girl's wrists will be handcuffed. Who needs it? Unless the same extreme! Well, she will have to be content with the role of a call girl for such specific pleasures! Therefore, such a meeting will end in flight. The girl will run away from the date much faster than she ran to it.

And more. Everyone knows that there are not enough millionaires for everyone, but everyone thinks that she is exceptional and she will find an approach to it. The most naive of delusions. There are no people who want to share their millions with someone who has decided that they are the best (this also applies to ladies!). And those millionaires who do charity work help those who really need it.

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