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Every girl wants to be a little Princess-listen to compliments, fervent confessions, find romantic notes in the most unexpected places. Just imagine-you went out of the house to the University or to work, opened your purse to get your wallet, and there was a note.... or not... better chocolate, carefully placed by someone's caring hand... Where to find such careful hands?

First, I don't want to disappoint fans of Japan, but if you decide to visit this beautiful country, then you really have to open the doors yourself! Sad... isn't it?

However, not everything is so sad. In modern Japan, there are sometimes male exceptions, such as Takeo. It opens the door to grandmothers, girls, women and all the fair sex! But no, it's not part of his job! Opening doors to women is his personal tradition, which came after his fascination with the Western world. Today, many Japanese adopt new rules of behavior from American, European, and Russian society. So don't faint if a gallant Japanese gentleman opens the door for you. The Japanese are a gentle people, not yet used to women fainting:))

To be honest, the lack of a national tradition-to hold the door for girls-is not the result of some bad attitude to the female sex... the Fact is that in Japan it is not customary to Express their feelings directly. And such a gesture as opening the door for you can look like a Declaration of love. And the Japanese is not ready to show it to everyone. "But how do you know that a Japanese man is in love with you?" – many girls are interested…

If a Japanese person cares about a girl, then he will try to understand her wishes in every possible way, so as not to be Intrusive. It is important to him – whether she is tired, hungry, whether she has time to meet with him…

"Japanese courtship is to do everything on time" (Takeo K.). A Japanese man tries to notice when a girl is sad, to lift her mood by giving her chocolate or saying a compliment about her clothes. It doesn't matter what you do, but when you do it. A few words about Japanese compliments. Japanese people usually avoid paying compliments about their appearance. Suddenly you will be told that you have a beautiful nose, and you always thought that this is the most terrible part of your face. You can also offend… It is much safer to emphasize good taste in clothing.

About how Japanese girls control the courtship of their men, Takeo promised to tell next time. And remember: "A serious man always takes care of a girl! And everyone has some unique way to make a girl happy.")


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