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How a look affects mutual attraction.

The look is no doubt associated with love. Rubin showed that such a connection does exist, in a study on the power of mutual love. The experimenters asked several pairs of newlyweds to fill out a questionnaire, while they were filmed with a hidden camera. The experimenters then calculated how often the newlyweds exchanged glances and how long and intense those glances were. The results showed that the higher the feelings were evaluated in the questionnaire, the more often, longer and more intently the girl and the young man looked at each other while filling out the questionnaire. At the same time, those whose "love" indicators were lower exchanged glances less often, and their glances were not as long. Other behavioral characteristics also supported these findings. For example, it was harder for couples with a high "score" of feelings to look away from each other when a third person entered the room than for couples with a low score.

According to many experts who study human behavior, you need certain pretexts to start a conversation with a stranger. You need to use a special code to determine whether the other person is ready to contact you. The look, then, is an invitation to communicate. To see if this was true, Gary (1978) introduced a man to a waiting room where a woman was already present. The man was told that he could talk to her, but should not get up from his chair. A small video camera was hidden in the waiting room, allowing them to observe the behavior of both of them. The experimenters noted whether a conversation had started or not, and if it did, calculated its duration. Conclusion: success largely depends on the view. The question arises: what is the reason for this? Some scientists believe that this effect is associated with a special internal mechanism. When we look at a person, we automatically attract their attention and compel them to give us an assessment. This is also evidenced by some studies, especially when it comes to the relationship between a man and a woman.

.This effect is shown during direct communication, but, apparently, photos have the same property. We've all had the feeling that the people on the poster are looking us right in the eye. The question arises: how does a person evaluate such a view? The researchers showed the students the beautiful female faces in the photographs, printed from the website wallpack.ru. In some photos, the women looked directly into the eyes of the subjects, while in others they looked away. The subjects were asked to tell whether they liked the women in the photos and rate their attractiveness on a five-point scale.

. It became obvious that we like those who look at us more. Thus, a woman who looks into our eyes seems more attractive to us, even if we do not have direct contact and we only see her face in the photo. For researchers, this behavior once again confirms that men are ready to respond to real and imaginary signals coming from women. A woman is usually looking for a partner, and a man is looking for the possibility of copulation, even if later this may lead to a permanent relationship. A woman needs to gather as much information about her intended partner as possible in order to make her choice, and this takes time, because she is in no hurry to respond to the signals sent by a man. The same person is always ready to take advantage of the opportunity and, as a result, often misinterprets the behavior of a woman.

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