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Honeymoon: where to go on your honeymoon

Wedding… This is always a very happy and important event in the life of any person. Wedding troubles, no matter how pleasant they may be, always cause young people to worry and worry.

But here, at last, came this happy, joyous day-the wedding. And after the Mendelssohn March sounded, all the guests left and the wedding ceremony came to its end.young people need to get ready for their wedding trip. If you now grimaced and thought that such a small thing can wait a little, then we hasten to assure you that the honeymoon is a great time to be alone, relax and perhaps get a vivid impression. As for choosing the place of the first trip in the status of spouses, the young couple needs to think about this question in advance. And today we will talk about how to choose the right wedding tour and determine what types of holidays will suit you. In order to find the best travel option that suits both newlyweds according to their preferences, we advise you to contact professionals in travel agencies long before the celebration. After all, the choice of such a trip is a very difficult question. Someone is fond of extreme skiing, and someone wants Golden beaches filled with the sun, and someone would not refuse a romantic visit to Paris. In General, there can be a lot of options. And in this case, the main thing is to choose a specific holiday that will be suitable for both lovers.

Honeymoon: vacation in a tropical Paradise

Peace and privacy will accompany you throughout your vacation, if you prefer a trip to the beaches of tropical Islands. Golden sand beaches, gentle wind, surf noise, picturesque nature, unforgettable velvet nights, sparkling water, reflection of the blue sky in it. All around romance! And if this is the kind of trip you've been dreaming of all your life, then the Seychelles, Bali, Maldives, and Fiji will suit you. In Europe, it may be Cyprus, Sardinia, or Crete. Choosing a wedding trip to Bali, you will find yourself in a corner of Paradise. After all, this wedding island is famous for its unusual traditions, which will be a real holiday for lovers. Here you can hold a romantic ceremony, during which the newlyweds will walk to the altar on the sacred path and receive a blessing in the chapel called "Pearl". A beautiful view of the Indian ocean will complement the celebration with an unusual pristine beauty. In addition, you can enjoy the amazing beauty of this Paradise of nature. Tourists in Bali are attracted by the uniqueness of its fauna and flora, and national reserves and the sea coast can be walked for hours. Therefore, if you like to contemplate the night sea and observe the representatives of the animal world, then a vacation in Bali is exactly what you need!


If traveling, you want to learn something new about the culture and traditions of other countries, you can visit the most romantic cities in the world. In this case, you should choose from London and Vienna, Rome and Venice, and Paris is considered a wonderful option. It is worth noting that small provincial towns in France and Italy have a special charm. Here you can enjoy the privacy, plunge into the leisurely, measured life of their inhabitants. For example, in the Italian city of Verona there is a monument to Juliet and according to tradition, all newlyweds in order for their love to always be strong, you need to RUB the chest of the statue. It is also believed that in order for love to be infinite, you need to fix the lock on the Golden bridge in Florence. Do not forget to throw the key into the water after you close the lock. But if you choose to stay in Paris, you will remember the kisses on the openwork and unique Eiffel tower for the rest of your life. Don't forget to make a wish on top of it, and it will come true. There will also be an unforgettable experience after walking along the Champs Elysees, riding a boat on the Seine, a visit to Versailles. It is also important to ignore the cosy cafes of the Latin quarter. After all, what could be better than coffee with croissants for Breakfast. We also recommend that you visit the Luxembourg gardens, the most romantic place in Paris. And if you decide to visit Paris in winter, you will always remember millions of bright lights and garlands everywhere – on buildings, trees, lanterns and statues. This illumination creates the illusion of a fairy tale, gives a new year's mood. And of course, do not forget about the opportunity to walk around the city at night to the fascinating melodies of French music. As you can see, the whole of Paris is saturated with the air of love and romance. And for this reason, your wedding trip to Paris will be remembered for a lifetime.


Remember that you not only need to decide where to go on your wedding trip, but also when: winter or summer. Experienced travelers recommend discovering "new lands" either in spring or early autumn. At this time, you will be quite comfortable to travel, because you will not be disturbed by any heat or cold. Also, do not forget about preparing all the necessary documents for the trip. And one more thing: if you are not a fan of traveling independently without the support of travel agents, then a wedding trip is not a trip where you should experiment. Be sure to contact professionals who will help make your honeymoon unforgettable.

As you can see, there is a lot to choose a route for a wedding trip. When choosing, be sure to take into account your financial and physical capabilities. Don't forget to consult professionals. In General, go on a romantic trip and be happy! Good luck!


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