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Holidays in Bordeaux France


Bordeaux in France is multi faceted: "Sleeping Beauty" and "little Paris", "Crescent Harbor" and the city of art and history, the French gastronomic capital and the world capital of wine. The ancient city is known throughout the world for its rich history, monumental architecture and monuments under the auspices of UNESCO, centuries – old traditions, rich cultural life and, undoubtedly, the famous Bordeaux wines, recognized as one of the best in the world.

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Bordeaux, spread out in an elegant Crescent on the banks of the Garonne river, is the capital of Aquitaine and the Department of the Gironde. The history of Bordeaux goes back to the first century BC and includes many stages: the settlement of the Celts and the conquest by Julius Caesar, the capital of Aquitaine Gaul and the rule of English kings during the middle Ages, the flourishing of wine, a wonderful transformation in the style of classicism in the XVIII century.and the leading role of the Girondists during the great revolution. All this is reflected in the unique appearance and charm of modern Bordeaux.


Bordeaux in France ranks 2nd in the country in terms of the number of historical monuments. The historical center "Port of the moon" is included in the UNESCO world heritage list, and among the most famous attractions: the majestic cathedrals of St. Andrew and Saint Michel, the ancient gate of caillaux and the longest Aquitaine bridge in France, the monument to the Girondists and the quarters of Saint-Pierre, Saint-Michel, Saint-Croix and Saint-Elali, replete with architectural monuments of different styles and eras, magnificent ensembles of squares of the XVIII century and the magic square-the fountain "water mirror". There are more than 10 museums in Bordeaux, including an Art Museum with a rich collection and a wine Museum.


There are 17 theaters in Bordeaux, including the Grand and national theaters, cinemas, casino Barrière, and many night clubs. It also hosts various cultural events-from international music festivals to the "wine Festival". Active guests can enjoy Cycling in the city and river walks along the Garonne, Golf and Jogging in the picturesque parks.


Bordeaux has the highest concentration of restaurants in Europe, with establishments catering to every taste. There are Haute cuisine restaurants, 13 of which are marked by the Michelin guide, and cozy bistros offering French and regional cuisine. Popular local dishes include foie Gras, oysters from the Arcachon pool, pibal eels, lamprey cooked with red wine, cannelet rum cakes and macaron almond cakes. The dishes are served with fine Bordeaux wines. You can enjoy a glass of Bordeaux wine in the many bars and wine cellars, where tastings are also arranged.


With children in Bordeaux, you can visit the oldest natural history Museum in France, the zoo, which is home to more than 400 animals from different continents, an Aquarium that introduces the life of the sea, as well as Aqualand water Park.


There are many hotels of different categories in Bordeaux: located in the heart of the luxury 5-star Grand Hotel De Bordeaux & Spa and Burdigala, 4-star The Regent Bordeaux and Sekko'o, or elegant 3-star De La Presse and Quality Hotel Saint Catherine Bordeaux.


Bordeaux in France offers great shopping at prices lower than in Paris. The Golden triangle is located in the city center with prestigious boutiques of leading brands. More than 250 shops and boutiques are located on Saint-Catherine, the main shopping street in Bordeaux and the longest pedestrian street in Europe. Interesting purchases can be made at the "flea" markets in the historic quarter of Saint-Michel. You should definitely visit the gastronomic markets, such as the Capuchin market, where local products are sold-from famous cheeses and oysters to foie Gras and truffles. Of course, the main purchases are excellent Bordeaux wines, which can be purchased in the numerous wine shops and cellars of the city.


Bordeaux-Merignac international airport is 10 km from the center of Bordeaux, and the train station is 3 km away, which can be reached in 3 hours from Paris by TGV train.


St. Michael's Basilica

St. Michael's Basilica in Bordeaux, made in the style of flaming Gothic, is memorable at first glance – especially its high bell tower with a long and sharp spire, completely covered with stone "spines".

Tower Pey-Berland

The Gothic tower-bell tower of Pey-Berlan in Bordeaux is part of the architectural complex of the Cathedral of St. St. Andrew The First-Called. It was built in the XV century and named after the Singing of Berlin, quite a remarkable character in the history of Bordeaux.

Bolshoi theatre

The Grand theater of Bordeaux, built in the best traditions of Neoclassicism of the XVIII century, is considered to be one of the most beautiful Opera houses not only in France, but throughout Europe. It is located on place de La Comedie.

Kayo Gate

The gate Porte de La Crosse

The Porte de La Crosse gate in Bordeaux, leading to the Old city, was built in the 13th century on the way of Saint James, along which pilgrims went to Santiago de Compostela. At first they were called Saint-Eloi, in consonance with the name of the nearby Church of Saint Egidius.


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