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Hobbies For Couples To Make Money

Looking to add a little extra to your savings each month? Starting hobbies that make money together can give you an outlet that is both fun and profitable, letting you work together towards the life that you most want to be living. I can get this totally, its a great thing if you can work with your partner in buildings a great future.

1. Baking

Equal parts science and artistry, baking can appeal to both masculine and feminine traits. Even if you don’t sell all of your works, you’ll always have delicious food around the house!

2. Refinishing Furniture

With a little bit of creative effort and a touch of hard work, you can learn to turn someone else’s cast-away furniture into beautiful, functional works of art together.

3. Flea Market Shopping

Thrift shopping feels like one big treasure hunt and can be a great way to incorporate both of your knowledge of other hobbies and products into a viable resale business on Etsy or eBay, a lot of couples even start Amazon shops online.

4. Starting A Blog Together

Already have a hobby that you enjoy together? Think about turning it into a blog, where you can share insights with other people aspiring to do the same thing.

5. Catering

Cooking together can improve your relationship, and sharing the product of your work together with others can be a great way to make new connections in your community.

6. Making Music

Even the most basic of musical collaboration can lead to casual gigs around your neighbourhood for holidays and events. If you’re not ready to write your own songs, try learning a few popular covers together, first or even doing discos and karaoke sets.

7. Arts And Crafts

From jewellery making to greeting cards to leatherwork and more, any art or craft can be turned into a thriving Etsy business or sold at local markets.

8. Beekeeping

Have a backyard together? Keep some bees in it! Not only will you be helping the planet, but may end up with a side business selling honey at farmers’ markets.


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