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Handsome Norwegian men

Norwegian men: appearance, character, types

Norwegian men today attract many women. After all, they live in an amazing and comfortable country, entirely populated by romantics. However, if you decide to go here, be prepared for the fact that outwardly they are secretive, uncooperative and harsh people, so you can expect a lot of surprises. Norway is a real country of contrasts.

Features of local residents

Norwegian men are classic representatives of carriers of Nordic appearance. Its most characteristic features are a long and elongated skull, which makes a person seem too strict and focused. This effect strengthens the protruding chin, vertical cheekbones and straight nose. Another distinctive feature is the bulging back of the head. A person of this appearance almost always seems responsible, serious, able to take up any task without hesitation. From photos of Norwegian men, you can make a full impression of what most of the local residents look like. For such a person, you will definitely feel like behind a stone wall, so many Russian women are so attracted to Norwegian men.

Getting to know Norwegians

Experienced conquerors of hearts note that there are significantly fewer Norwegian men in the country than women, so it should not be difficult to find a free local resident and get to know him. In addition, many Norwegians themselves tend to marry foreign women, disappointed in their compatriots. Most of them are too emancipated, refuse to start a family at all.

As a result, Dating a Norwegian man can make sense. Due to the fact that foreign women tend to marry local residents, Norwegians are willing to take them as wives. This is how international marriages are created. It is worth noting that early weddings are very rare in Norway. So be prepared, if a man married a Russian woman, it was a conscious choice, he will appreciate and love his wife. By marrying, Norwegians put their family ahead of their career.


As a rule, Norwegians are brave people who are not afraid to take risks and try their luck to find happiness with a woman from another country. These men always have the opportunity to do something, regardless of their wealth. They easily come up with how to have fun and spend their free time with their chosen one, and they are never ashamed to show emotions and feelings that they really feel. Such men are ready to prove to everyone around them that it is his wife who is the best girl in the world. In response, they rely on female sincerity, perceiving it as a gift. Often Norwegians are vulnerable, need support and affection. At the same time, most of them are modest and well-mannered.


Of course, all men are very different, but you can identify some typical features in most of them. These include seriousness, honesty, responsibility, naivety, and decency. At the same time, they are unpretentious and even modest in everyday life. In this country, it is not accepted to live luxuriously, even if you have a lot of money. Nothing is displayed here. They are easily ready to help their spouse in any business, for example, to cope with the household.

Most men prefer to spend their free time in nature. Their priority is fishing, trips to the forest for a picnic. Moreover, they prefer to go fishing not with friends, but with the whole family. In addition, the Norwegians are completely unpretentious in food, the only thing they can not stand is a lie. If a man has promised something, he will keep his word. In most cases, they are law-abiding, they are not afraid of any bureaucratic obstacles and offices, because they grew up in a free country. Some of them are committed teetotallers. They also never leave their children without support, even if there is a break in the family. They participate in parenting, no matter how difficult their relationship with their mother may be.


One of the main distinctive features of modern men is their ideas about equality. They are enviable grooms, as they willingly help around the house, for them there is no clear division between women's and men's work. Even at the state level, equal rights are guaranteed to women and men in employment, as well as in family life and elections, especially given that many modern Norwegian girls prefer to work.

Therefore, equal rights to perform household tasks and raise children are distributed in the same way as all other tasks. For example, men here take maternity leave to care for a child at least as often as their wives. In Russia, this option is also provided, but in reality it is used only by a few.

Love for children

Another distinctive feature of the Norwegian male character is the love of children. Caring fathers with diapers and feeding bottles can be found here all the time. For a Norwegian, a child is a great value, and he will never give it up, even after a divorce, if this happens. Children in Norway are allowed almost everything. With their appearance, families prefer to move to the outskirts of the city, where the climate and environment will be more favorable for the baby. Some even go to the country, buying a small house with a garden. In addition, many already have small country estates, which they prefer to visit as often as possible after the birth of a child. It should be noted that the Norwegians will well relate to the fact that if his beloved will have children. Having a child does not prevent them from starting a relationship and counting on a strong marriage in the future.


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