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Getting to know Ireland

Ireland-Geographical reference

The Republic of Ireland (IRL. Eire) occupies most of the island of the same name, located in the West of the British archipelago; the North-Eastern part of this island belongs to great Britain (Northern Ireland).

General information: Official name: Republic of Ireland Area, sq km: 70 273 Population, persons: 3 917 000 Currency: Euro Languages: English and Irish (official) Religion: Catholic (88, 4%) Capital: Dublin (495 781 people)

Largest city:

Cork (123,062 people), Galway (65,832 people), Limerick (54,023 people) State system: Republic Natural features: Mountain terrain is typical only for the outskirts of Ireland, the highest point of the country rises in the mountains located in the South-West of the island Mcgillicuddy's RIX (Carrantuill, 1041 m).

The Central part of the island is occupied by a vast low-lying plain with scattered hills. The plain is drained by the country's largest river, the Shannon, which flows into the Atlantic ocean, forming a deep estuary. Quaternary glaciation had a direct impact on the formation of some structural features of the Irish landscape, such as numerous lake depressions and fjords on the West coast.

The climate of Ireland is moderate oceanic; the average annual temperature is 10 °C.


The current demographic situation in Ireland is characterized by high levels of fertility and natural population growth, significantly exceeding similar indicators recorded in other European countries.

Residents are distributed fairly evenly throughout Ireland, only in County Dublin the population density is significantly higher than in the whole country.

Economic resources:

Ireland, a member of the European Union, has experienced a strong economic recovery in recent decades.

Thanks to large foreign investments and economic assistance from the European organization, the country has successfully developed the tertiary sector of the economy, as well as industry (mechanical engineering, electrical equipment manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronics and computer science). Livestock farming (raising cows, sheep, and pigs) continues to play an important role in the country's economy, and 70% of the Irish territory is pasture land.


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