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Getting to know a man.

5 Getting to know a man. How do I learn this?

Astrologers, magicians, and other workers of the occult world hoed young ladies who want to charm, marry, dry, dry. But these lazy, tight or a raging researches have never thought that "the crown of celibacy" — it's their escape from reality. They neglect the "work of everyday life", which is filled with concern for their appearance, attention to their position in society, improving the ability to communicate with men. So they live in hopes that someone will be able to help them, someone will solve the problem for them, find them a "second half". Alas, it is not so simple! In society, there has long been an opinion that a man should be active when Dating. This traditional view is based on the statement that "the man is a hunter". But a survey of modern men has shown that most of them are easily ready to give the initiative into the hands of a woman.

And here the main thing, dear women, is to know that men are afraid to get acquainted. And there are a number of reasons for this, until I mention that they are afraid of rejection. Therefore, a Prim, cold, almost inaccessible to men beauty will scare off any potential applicant. The main thing when meeting — do not be afraid and do not complex, the stronger sex is afraid more than yours. If you are fun, open, and emotional, then a man will get in touch with you faster. Remember simple tips that will help you win over a man: Happy eyes attract like a magnet. A friendly, penetrating look always encourages communication. A sincere smile is something intimate that attracts and beckons. You smiled at a man — he will smile back at you. Compliments, interest will win a man to your acquaintance faster than the flow of eloquent words. Every man would like to have an attractive, ready to approach him woman, but at the same time difficult to reach for many. And it turns out that if the woman herself does not take the initiative, then you can sit in the girls! Proven by life: the more active a girl behaves, the more chances she has to get the man of her dreams. The initiative of the girl is the ability to show that she is not averse to meet. But remember the sense of proportion and give the opportunity to "hunter-hunt". Activity means social adaptation, sociability, Hobbies-all this expands the circle of acquaintances.

It is not easy to become attractive and active game after failure. You feel awkward when a man speaks to you, and to approach an interesting gentleman yourself is out of the question: shackles his legs, takes his breath away. You should understand that "new acquaintance" is a process, and failures are an integral part of this process. Do not expect quick results, because a new beginning requires courage, courage and patience.

1. Shake off the "dust of the past", because your neurotic attachment to the past psychologically hinders your beginnings. In the past, all clear! 2. You have entered a new path, and this is a whole creative process that will lead you to the goal. The road can only be mastered step by step. 3. Starting, you need to understand that no one is immune from mistakes, because you are going into the unknown. And what is good — you already have experience, and your own intuition will tell you a lot. 4. in the past, you need to leave not only your own "mistakes", but also the old approaches and way of thinking, because all this has led you to a dead end. 5. The new path requires not only new thinking, but also new States of mind and a new way of life. 6. Learn to overcome your inertia and inner fatigue, awaken your youth of soul and emotional Gorenje. Love yourself and you will succeed. Now let's figure out how to implement this in practice, and where to start? And you need to start with your own inner world. "Water doesn't flow under a bed rock," so you need to start acting. And there is nothing wrong with that, open yourself to this world — the world of men. Let's start!

Life gives you opportunities for meetings, Dating, and these some option will surely lead to "your half". After all, you can not choose from three random men: Alphonse, an alcoholic and an infantile boy. Think about what makes you build a relationship with the man who needs to be redone? It's just the fear that the other person won't pay attention to you. You can not re-educate an adult, teach him to take responsibility, this is his problem, not the problem of your appearance or the length of your legs. You don't need an arrogant lout who doesn't care if you want to meet him. He most often chooses a sexual object in a woman, so he climbs ahead: "I want to, come on, meet me!» Agree, women like smart men, they are more reliable with them, but they are usually reflective, vulnerable, and often doubtful people. They perceive a possible rejection as particularly painful, so they are the ones who need the first signal from a woman: "I like You, I'm ready to talk to you." He, encouraged, will meet you halfway, talk, maybe even help with advice or business. If you have a positive opinion about it, you can encourage continued Dating. That's how you choose! There are various options for the first signal, but it is a friendly look and an open smile that opens you up to this world without any obligations.

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