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German men. What are they?

I will now describe the mentality of the average German man. I have been living in Germany for 8 years, I was married to a German, another relationship with a German for several years, then a year and a half of endless dates and acquaintances, I probably met about forty men, some of whom I had relationships for several months. I met men anywhere, in bars and restaurants, at discos, on the Internet, on vacation, through friends. Almost all were Germans. I'll tell you about the most extreme version, it will show the mentality of German men a little exaggerated, but still display the whole essence of almost 80 percent of all men who grew up in Germany, regardless of what nationality they are.

So let's get started. Last year I met a doctor in his late forties on a site where Western men are looking for Russian women to take them to live with. It seemed to me that such men already know what a Russian woman is, they are not afraid of them, they understand that they need to take care of her and give gifts. After all, they are looking for beauties not even integrated into their culture, as a rule, without the German language. So a woman needs to be supported and taught at least for the first time.

The doctor immediately wrote to me in a letter that he is very successful, has reached the top of his career, that he works for himself, in general, everything is superb. He was incredibly glad that I live in Munich, and not in Siberia, for example, where he was recently - he flew to meet a girl. We met at a restaurant that I suggested. The man was attractive and quite interesting. I immediately noticed that his eyes were kind of boring. But the chemistry immediately appeared - obvious and persistent from the first second. I met with him for about a month. We saw each other almost every day. On the second day, he invited me to Dubai - he had already booked a hotel, but he had no tickets yet, he was thinking of flying with a girl from Siberia, and then I appeared. I felt sorry for this girl out of women's solidarity. He spent a week with her in Siberia, of course, he slept with her, promised to marry, pick her up, and then, bam, writes that he met another one, and you all the best, don't be angry. He naturally repented, said that this situation was unpleasant to him. Yes, but what can you do, it happens.

We ordered tickets, were once in the mountains in a spa hotel, once again in a restaurant and a couple of times in inexpensive salad bars, and several times they cooked at his home. Well, that's basically all. He paid for all this, did not give any gifts, and I did not expect, to be honest. And here I am describing our last meeting: I’m waiting for him to pick me up for dinner, we haven’t seen each other for several days, I’m happy to see me tomorrow as well, since I offered to go snowboarding and he noted that this was a good idea.

And so he flies up to me and says that he wants to talk to me. Doesn't kiss on the lips, with a serious expression. Ok, I say, what's the matter then? I sit, dressed up for dinner, waiting for fresh sashimi and red wine.

And he burst out. He started by not wanting to be loved for his money. And everything looks as if I was exactly the case. Here he has already invited me how many times everywhere: he paid the bill in the most expensive restaurant, and paid for me in salad bars, and in the spa hotel everything was on his shoulders, and he invites me on vacation, and I? And I never even invited him to coffee, I didn't even pay for groceries from the store for a joint culinary evening. And I also said that I want gifts from a man not only for Christmas and birthday, but more often. I also said that when I get married, I should know how much my partner earns. How could I even think of such a thing? The doctor said this and he was pounding with indignation. He didn’t forget to mention that I’m self-serving because I had fans with Ferrari and Bentley. And finally, he dumped on the table his suspicions that I probably work as an escort - I’m too glamorous and used to the fact that men pay for me. Don't forget that there are very few beautiful, well-groomed tall, well-dressed girls in Munich. And if you have silicone boobs, then certainly an escort. Oh, it was a blow below the belt. I’m thinking, if I were an escort, then what for would I need this unfortunate doctor with his little BMW? I would invest my time more cheaply. I do not condemn prostitutes, but rather even regret - these girls should, albeit for a lot of money, step over themselves every time, sleep with fat people and with scary ones and with perverts. Their psyche is a priori not normal. And it still usually translates into drugs, alcohol, antidepressants or multiple personality disorder. Not everyone can be an escort. And thank God!

Back to the man: almost all Germans really think so. Let it not be as extreme as this one, let them not express it directly to you, but they all have such prejudices: if you don’t pay for yourself, then you use it, if glamorous - an escort, if there were rich men - then selfish from the beginning.

How many of you live abroad? What is your experience with the men there? It's very interesting to hear your opinions.



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