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Gemini Horoscope. Jun 30, 2020


Jun 30, 2020- There is great romantic potential in the air right now, with today's planetary energy. However, significant meetings may start not with a powerful attraction, but as more of a friendship, where you find that you can relax in each other's company and talk and joke without worrying about the kind of impression that you are making. Sometimes this is the best way to develop a really lasting relationship.


Jun 29, 2020 - Jul 5, 2020- You would probably prefer not to have to worry about money, especially this week. But since it's a necessary part of life, you prefer to worry about broader things - that which you can't control. At this time, your money life is more ideas than reality, thanks to aspects happening in the area of your chart associated with past lives, institutions, the unconscious mind, and dreams. Your efforts to make any serious changes to your money situation now may need more time to develop.


Jun 30, 2020- You can benefit greatly from the creativity made available by the planetary energy at play. The usual day-to-day routine can get a little boring, and this day brings spark and energy that go a long way toward restoring your faith in healthy practices! Be open to change while sticking to your basic principles, and you will end up with fun surprises! Look for the unusual, the funny, the quirky jokes of nature when you are outside. Additionally, today's aspect might bring you a new friend.


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