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Gemini Horoscope. Apr 20, 2020


Apr 20, 2020- You are inclined to see the flaws within your current relationship, and perhaps to be more critical than you would normally. The present astral configuration encourages you to think very carefully about your motives, and also to determine whether you are both meeting each other's needs. If you enter into a discussion with each other, it is likely to be quite somber. It may be better left for another time.


Apr 13, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020- This week is about romance, kids, and fun, as well as travel, education, and spirituality. Any of these areas can be mined for extra work or building a brand new business now. You have the skills to make it happen. With a bit of hard work and focused intention, more money can be yours in the future.


Apr 20, 2020- The planetary aspect today asks you to move inward and check your emotional balance. How easy or difficult is that for you to do these days? You tend to direct your energy outward: projecting your energy onto projects in the outside world or focusing on others. This is fine, but it's very important to be able to check in with yourself when you need to. A yoga practice gives you that opportunity, plus it's great for your muscle tone. Give it a try!

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