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Gastronomic delights from all over the world.

Snakes, crocodiles, larvae and other Goodies from today's selection can terrify unprepared representatives of other cultures, but nutritionists say that the dishes listed below, although shocking in appearance, are delicious in themselves, and some are even useful. And which of these exotics have you tried in your life?

Rattlesnake Snakes are used in many cuisines-from Vietnamese snake wine to Hong Kong snake soup. Rattlesnake tastes like chicken, only very rough. It should be separated from the skin and well fried in a frying pan or on the grill. Season with salt and pepper.

Alpaca some Have not even heard of this animal. This artiodactyl is mainly valued for its wool, soft as cashmere. But you can not only buy an expensive sweater or warm socks made from the wool of this representative of camels. You can also eat it! The best thing you can make from Alpaca is medium rare steaks. They are tender, like the best Wagyu beef. It is recommended to combine with red from Bordeaux.

Crocodile Only some types of white meat do not taste "like chicken". A crocodile is one of them. The best part is the tail. Crocodile meat has a unique texture and flavor. If there are any analogies, it will probably be the meat of the sea devil, only a little more tough. Serve with a sauce of butter and capers and white Torrontes.

A whale Is a very rare thing that can infuriate any eco-activist and animal rights campaigner. The whale tastes a little like tuna. It should be eaten in the form of sashimi and served accordingly — with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce. However, your nearest restaurant is located in Iceland, so this visit should be combined with a visit to the Blue Lagoon.

Casu marzu do you like Bleu d'auvergne and other French or Swiss cheeses with a mildew and strong smell? This is not something to be proud of in front of squeamish acquaintances. But the love for Cass Martz can really surprise people. This is a soft, sharp sheep's cheese infested with live larvae. How do they get started? The fact is that the cheese is stored in an open place to attract flies. The flies lay their eggs and voilà! The larvae eat this cheese, and it starts to rot. That is, to Mature. The texture of casu matsu resembles Pecorino, and the taste is like Gorgonzola. Oh, Yes. This is forbidden cheese. No, we are not talking about sanctions. It is also banned in the European Union. But we know where to buy it — in Sardinia on the black market.

Huhu larvae These larvae are a popular dish among the Maori, native new Zealanders. Outwardly, huhu are very similar to white caterpillars. They are eaten alive or cooked. The latter resemble peanut butter in texture and taste. If you don't decide to do this when you are in New Zealand, take the freshest oysters — there are a lot of them — and order a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with them.

Sweetbread Despite the name ("sweet bread"), it is a mistake to believe that we are talking about some ordinary muffin. It's a British dish always contains the tonsils, the oesophagus and the eggs of sheep. In Britain, these balls, similar to the ever-memorable meatballs, can be ordered in village pubs. But if you do not want to leave London, know that from time to time the dish is at The St. John's.

Grasshoppers enjoy these wonderful insects rich in proteins in many parts of the world, but they are especially popular in street markets in Southeast Asia and Mexico. Fried grasshoppers are crispy, and they are usually seasoned with lime and garlic — the perfect snack. After hearing about squirrels, gym fans probably pricked up their ears. So, despite the high protein content, grasshoppers are still unlikely to replace a full-fledged protein diet. Unless you're flexing your culinary muscles.

Guinea pig it Turns out, you can even eat something that may live in your apartment. Guinea pigs are adored in the South American Andes, mainly in Peru (as well as Colombia and Bolivia). Prepare Guinea pigs mostly on an open fire, as game. The taste of the Guinea pig resembles a black chicken. Only if you have to pay $ 2,500 for a rare Indonesian chicken carcass, a Guinea pig in a Peruvian restaurant will cost much less

Zebra zebras are not hunted; they are raised on special farms in the East African Serengeti ecosystem, which extends into Kenya and Tanzania. These zebras are different from wild ones, in fact they are a "striped horse", since they have more in common with a normal horse than with their wild counterpart. Zebra meat is quite lean and a little hard, so instead of steak, it's better to eat a Zebra Burger. You don't have to go to Kenya — a Zebra Burger is served at London's Archipelago restaurant. Order a Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa with the Burger.

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