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French man: typical traits, behavioral features

It is known that each nation has its own characteristics. From some of them, one can easily guess which country a particular person is from. The French, they say, are unlike anyone else and always stand out from the crowd. And what is special about French men? What are they? Can you recognize them from afar? Let's learn from the following material ..

Let's start with a disclaimer

I would like to make a reservation immediately, before starting the story: do not think that everything stated in this material will apply to all French men, without exception. You should never row one size fits all, and there are always exceptions to every rule. The French, like the Russians, Germans, British, Greeks and other nationalities, have their own mentality, which has common features, as a rule, observed in most representatives of this nation. However, there are, of course, those who do not fall under the description below.

On some traits of character

What are the characteristics of French men? It is believed that France is the most romantic country, and its inhabitants, accordingly, are full of this very romance almost from ear to ear. However, in reality this is not entirely true. Unpredictable actions, violently expressed emotions and confessions of feelings - all this cannot be found in the standard average French man. He can surprise his chosen one only if he is really in love and has serious intentions (we will talk about these intentions separately). In general, the French rely more on the voice of reason than on the heart, and they are characterized by a rational model of behavior.

The French easily relate to almost all events in their lives, often laugh at themselves and generally perceive what is happening with irony and laughter. This is a rather positive, and most importantly, people who do not blow the elephant out of a fly. Any seemingly insoluble problem, but in fact - a trifle, French men (photos of representatives of this nationality, see the review) can be translated into a joke. However, you need to understand: if the issue is really serious and requires a quick solution and correct action, you can always rely on a Frenchman. Another character trait of the French follows from the previous one - this is positivity and cheerfulness. They, like children, know how to enjoy absolutely everything, be surprised at seemingly simple, everyday things and see something special in them. They love life with all its manifestations and are happy with every new day, being able to find positive features in everything. This trait contrasts very sharply with the Russian character and the Russian people - always gloomy, angry and very displeased with something.

Main feature

The main thing that distinguishes French men from others is their incredibly huge pride. He is terribly concerned about how he looks in the eyes of others - both externally and internally. It is extremely important for a Frenchman to make a lasting impression on others - only in a good, of course, sense. He should be the best always and in everything! - this is his motto, life credo. And the Frenchman will demand the same ideality, impeccability and impeccability from his own family - after all, they must correspond to him in everything and even at the family table to conduct small talk, and not remember funny cases with someone from the family members that happened. So, summing up the speech about this character trait, we can safely say: the ego of French men (photos of some representatives are presented in the article) is inflated as it should.

About some cons

But what the French lack is the generosity, which, on the contrary, is so characteristic of the Russians. This is due to the exorbitant ego we talked about above. The Frenchman will not miss his, will fight to the last. This is especially true of money, inheritance, the division of property - in general, any financial issues. Aki a lion, a French man will rush with his chest at those who dare to encroach on something that should belong only to him.

The Frenchman is greedy. Cat Matroskin and Uncle Scrooge McDuck in one bottle - something like this can be described as this calculating thrifty man. The Frenchman saves on literally everything on what is possible (but not on looking brand new; however, we will return to this later). It is not uncommon in France when, when going to a restaurant, a man pays only for himself, while a lady pays for her order herself. And also, if a man has invited a woman to dinner and it is definitely not possible to pay for it together, he can take her to one of the most famous cafes, where celebrities and tourists go. This feint works especially well if the girl is younger and lower on the social ladder. While the young fool, opening her pretty mouth, will stare around and admire, the French man will quickly buy one salad for two (the girl does not eat much, and how romantic it is - two of us eat from the same plate!) And bring a plate of free bread - he always issued free of charge in such establishments. So I fed, and brought out into the light, and saved! Generosity among the French is not in blood and is not held in high esteem, although sometimes, of course, they are capable of grand gestures. Perhaps the notorious emancipation played its role here - since a woman and a man are on an equal footing, let it be on an equal footing in financial terms.

The French say practically nothing for sure. In their speech, you can often find the subjunctive mood using the particle "would": if, maybe, it would be good, and so on. And they are also very independent and do not tolerate when their desires are imposed on them.



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