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Free Date Ideas

Are the best things in life free?

Definitely when it comes to spending time getting to know a girl. Having a great time doesn’t have to cost the earth and we’ve got the evidence to prove that a fun date can cost nothing at all.

1. Go On A Hike.

A little exercise can release the feel-good chemical dopamine, making it a fun and memorable experience for both of you.

2. Explore A Neighborhood.

Why not explore another part of your city and see what you can find.

3. Attend A Free Concert.

Going to a concert to check out a new style of music is a good way to make fun memories together.

4. Eat Samples At A Food Market.

You can grab some food together for free if you take advantage of the samples at a local food market.

5. Try Geocaching.

All you need is a smartphone – download the app and you can hunt your local area for hidden caches together.

6. Plan A Game Night.

Stay in and play your favourite board games or video games. You’ll get to share time bonding with each other, even if you don’t win!

7. Make It A Beach Day.

This is a great free date idea because there’s something to do at the beach all year round.

8. Go Roller Skating.

Grabbing a pair of skates is an awesome way to laugh together, maybe only do this if you have skates and can both use them.

9. Check Out Local Art Shows.

Many art shows, exhibitions and galleries are free.

10. Tour A Local Brewery

Have a look at the brewing process and maybe try a few samples when you visit a local brewery together.

11. Go Stargazing.

This is one of the most romantic date ideas – imagine chatting and laughing while staring up at the stars.

12. Play Sports Together.

If the two of you enjoy the same sports then there is no better way to bond.

13. Give Back To Your Community.

If you’re planning an inexpensive date, keep a lookout for volunteering opportunities.

14. Host A Dance Party.

A themed dance party can be a brilliant opportunity to get to know your date’s friends a bit better.

15. Go For A Test Drive.

If you’re hoping to go on an unusual free date, going on a test drive and talking about your dream cars is an amazing way to help your date imagine a future together.

16. Parks.

Check out local parks and recreation areas, in the summer its great to take a stroll together around a country park and plenty are free.

17. Window Shopping

Go Window shopping together, take a walk around some shopping centre and stop for a coffee, see what you each like and discuss what you both think would look great on the other.


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