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Frankfurt am main-an amazing city in Germany

Frankfurt am main is the cultural and business capital of the country with a rich history that dates back to the eighth century.

History written over centuries

For the first time, memories of the city on the main river can be found in the Charter of Charlemagne, dated February 22, 794. During the prosperity of the Roman Empire, Frankfurt am main was a small settlement, which was surrounded by a stone wall on all sides.

There is a legend according to which the name of the city was given by Charlemagne. After crossing the river main, he named this locality Frankfurt, which means the place where the Franks crossed the river. Literally, it sounds like "the passage of francs".

It is known that already in the VIII century, the city-settlement had a fairly well-developed infrastructure, and further development allowed the town to move to the status of one of the centers of Europe by the XIV century.

In Frankfurt, the election of Roman emperors took place, and since 1562, the emperors and Kaisers of Germany were crowned in the Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomew.

I must say that this city symbolizes not only the greatness of the emperors. It lies at the origin of German democracy. It was here that the first German Parliament was founded.

"Golden age" of the city

If we talk about the “Golden” period of Frankfurt am main, it falls on the twentieth century, when the city reached its greatest development and grew geographically to a huge area.

The rapid rise was interrupted by the Second world war. In the city, almost 70% of buildings were destroyed as a result of allied bombing. The city was literally in ruins. And only the lonely remains of medieval buildings reminded that before the war it was one of the largest cities in Europe.

When the war ended, it was assumed in Germany that Frankfurt am main would receive the status of the capital of Germany, in connection with which the government building was built. But the fate of the city was decided by the then Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who made the capital of his favorite city of Bonn.

Modern city life

Today, with a population of about 1.5 million people, Frankfurt am main is the largest city in the Federal state of Hesse and is in fifth place after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. The economy of Frankfurt is based on Finance, transport and fairs. Residents of the city are also proud of the fact that the headquarters of the European Central Bank, which determines the monetary policy of the EU, is located here.

In addition, there are representative offices of about 300 national and foreign banks. The structure of the city consists of several districts. The basis of the historical center is the Roemer square with numerous architectural monuments.

The name Remerplatz (Roman square) was given after merchants from Italy stopped for the night in one of the buildings located on the square in ancient times. The square has an incredible beauty, and it can rightly be called unique. Just imagine that almost after the complete destruction of the city, only this place gave an idea of what old Frankfurt was like. Attractions of the Central square are half-timbered houses, the town hall with three magnificent facades in the Gothic style, which is decorated with statues of the emperors Frederick Barbarossa, Charles IV, Maximilian II and Ludwig II.

The Central figure of the historic city center is the statue of the goddess of justice, which has become the hallmark and symbol of Frankfurt am main. Not far from it is a Church named in honor of St. Nikolay's. At the time, it largely determined the religious and social life of the city. And among the buildings on the square there is a house with the beautiful name Big angel, which in the XVII century was the first banking institution in Frankfurt.

In modern Frankfurt am main, the old houses of the historical center peacefully coexist next to the skyscrapers that fly up, creating a harmonious connection of all eras. The Commerzbank tower impresses with its height of 300 meters, and in 2000 the Maintower tower was commissioned in the city with an observation platform on the 56th floor, which offers a magnificent view of the entire city. The Fair tower has a distinctive shape, which is why it is called the “fountain pen", and it is the administrative building of the Frankfurt fairs.

Every year, a huge number of German residents and visitors from all over the world rush to Frankfurt am main to get acquainted with the city, its sights, breathe in the air of old and modern times, visit cultural events and just have a good rest. A European, dynamically developing city is a mix of different cultures, languages and lifestyles that live together peacefully. Interestingly, almost one in three residents of Frankfurt does not have a German passport. Wherever you come to this amazing city, you will definitely meet a person who speaks your language, and you will find a restaurant with all kinds of dishes, including national ones.

I must say that the origins of the openness and hospitality of this city lies in its historical role as the shopping center of Europe. Perhaps it is the liberal and democratic traditions of Frankfurt that are the link between people of different nationalities, each of which contributes to the development of the city and its appearance.

Attractions In Frankfurt

We already know that the historical center of the city is considered to be remerberg with many attractions, but in addition to them, there are many places in the city that you must see and visit if you come here. Let's start with the house-Museum of the greatest German writer Goethe, the exposition of which demonstrates the peculiarities of life and lifestyle typical of the citizens of the 18th century.

Art lovers always visit the art gallery and art Institute. Stedel, which have a significant significance among all art museums in Germany. Here you can find works written by famous artists from Europe, who created their masterpieces for seven centuries.

On the main embankment there are 13 museums that play an important role in the cultural life of Frankfurt am main, and the embankment is therefore called the Museum. Note that each of the museums has the highest level in its field, so this Museum complex has a huge impact not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.

The German architectural Museum, located in an old Villa, has a unique exhibition. It includes examples of different eras, from the small settlement that once was Frankfurt, to the modern center with skyscrapers and banks.

The Federal Bank of Germany houses the Museum of payment instruments, where visitors can see a large collection containing world banknotes and coins. In addition, there is interesting information about payment methods that were used at different times. You can clearly see cocoa beans or large stone slabs that were used as monetary units in the old days. Visitors to the Museum are very interested in the demonstration of the economic crisis of the 1930s with detailed disassembly to the smallest detail.

The Palmengarten Botanical garden, located in the center of Frankfurt am main, will give all residents and visitors an aesthetic pleasure. One of the largest Botanical gardens in Germany is located on an area of 26 hectares. A huge number of unique plants grow in greenhouses and outdoors. The incredible shapes and colors of natural masterpieces amaze the imagination, and the surrounding space is filled with alluring aromas. Along the edges of the alleys, sun loungers are installed so that you can comfortably enjoy the surrounding splendor of lawns, flower beds, and landscape compositions.

Park Bethmannpark is a unique collection of flowering shrubs and a Chinese garden, created by all the rules of Feng Shui. Speaking about the sights of the city, we can not say about the Frankfurt zoo, which is home to 4500 individuals representing 600 species of representatives of the animal world. Residents of the zoo live on an area of 13 hectares. Nocturnal animals are of particular interest to adults and children, and in one of the pavilions you can watch birds fly over the heads of guests.

Taunusvunderland amusement Park is a popular place in Frankfurt am main where you can have a great time with your family and friends. There are roller coasters and a large number of other exciting rides. For example, you can climb a plastic tower and explore the territory of the Park, or go for a walk in the fairy forest and see a haunted castle. And if you love animals, then you should hurry to the Playground where young animals frolic, or go to the prehistoric forest to meet the dinosaurs.

When is it better to go to Frankfurt?

Compared to other places in Germany, Frankfurt am main has the warmest climate. The winds are mostly westerly, and due to the moderate continental climate, summers in the city are warm and Sunny. The rainiest month is July. When the average temperature of the summer months is +25 °C, there are often hot days when the thermometer rises to + 35 degrees.

As for winter, it is quite cold here, but there is almost no snow. In most cases, precipitation in the form of rain falls during the cold season, and the air temperature can fall to -10 °C. The best time to stay in Frankfurt is from the end of may to September. This time is characterized by wonderful weather with no rain.

Where to go for shopping?

While staying in Frankfurt am main, tourists are not limited to sightseeing, recreation and cultural events. Shopping is something that no trip is complete without. If you are interested in current collections from the world's best brands, then you should go to the" fifth Avenue " of Frankfurt and Goethe street. There are numerous stores that offer branded clothing, shoes, and accessories.

A great place to shop is the Zeil street in Frankfurt. Many retail outlets offer a huge range of products for every taste and different financial opportunities! The farmers ' market, open every Thursday and Saturday, offers excellent food and exotic delicacies.

Souvenirs of a trip to Frankfurt am main are sold on Roemer square. You can also buy traditional magnets, handmade products, and much more. For a thorough replenishment of your wardrobe, it is better to go to the Wertheim Village outlet, located an hour's drive from the city center. More than 100 stores of famous brands sell items with impressive discounts of up to 60% all year round.

You can talk about Frankfurt, its life and attractions for a long time, but it is better to visit this amazing city to see everything with your own eyes.


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