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First thing first! Dating in Moscow 

The Moscow dating culture is notoriously hard to understand for foreigners. Fortunately, you have this article to guide you. We have gathered all the info on where to meet and how to win over Moscow girls + some date ideas for all occasions.

But first things first, where do you find a Moscow girl to date? Three options for you: Nightclubs and discos Meet her online Day game

The language barrier is often the major problem that expats and travellers face on the Moscow dating scene. We have you covered on that front as well. Read on, we’ll give you some suggestions on overcoming it. But as a general rule of thumb, non-Russian speakers should focus on nightclubs and online dating.

20+ Nightlife Locations You Don’t Want To Miss Out On In Moscow

1.Café Barrique at the Blagoveshenskiy pereulok, 10 2. Mono Bar at Pokrovskiy boulevard 6/20

3. Central Digital Space at Pokrovka Street, 47

4. Dissident club at the Chistoprudny Boulevard 25

5.Ginkgo at Varvarka Street, 14

6. Mio Club at the Kaluzhskaya square

7. Campari Bar at Sadovaya street 5/1 (the 13th floor of the hotel)

8. Pravda at Pravda Street 24, Building 3

9. Mendeleev Bar at Petrovka Street 20/1

10. Gipsy at Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, 3/4

11. Propaganda at the Bolshoy Zlatoustinski Pereulok 7 12. Dom Kultur at Sretenka Street, 25 13. Module at Nizhnjaja Krasnoselskaya 35

14. Gorky Park at Krimsky Val, 9 15. Deficit Bar at the Nastavnicheskiy Pereulok 17/1

16. Glavclub at Ordzhonikidze Street, 11

17. Mono Bar at the Pokrovskiy boulevard 6/20

18. Diplomatic Beach in Nikolina Gora Moskovskaya Oblast (it falls outside of Moscow but has some of the most legendary parties in the region)

19. Gazgolder at Nijni Susalni Pereulok, 5

20. Coyote Ugly at Stoleshnikov Lane, 8

Well, if you want to meet the city’s hottest girls, I suggest heading directly to the Soho Rooms. They are not for the faint of heart or the budget-conscious, though. Make sure you dress to the nines – face control is brutal here. But it’s true what they say of the women. Every single girl allowed into the Soho Rooms is model material.

For a more casual party environment, there are also the clubs at Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya. This quiet and unassuming street turns into party central by night. It’s a great place to go if you want to meet actual Moscow girls and zero tourists. Bear in mind that if you don’t speak Russian, you would not have much luck with the women!

Why Moscow Dating Is Moving Online Online dating is booming in the Russian capital. With the emergence of new dating sites, however, the Moscow dating scene is getting very diluted. There are now plenty of niche sites, especially ones to connect Western men with Russian girls.

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