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The sexiest facts about the female body. Today we want to tell you a few more facts about the female body, and we promise that they will not concern the location of the G-spot!

Fact # 1: about the heart

The most loving organ of any human body is the heart. It "jumps", "shrinks in anticipation" , and so on. So, a woman's heart is smaller and lighter than a man's, about 10-15%, which is not surprising, given the ratio of body size as well. But it beats faster — about 10 beats per minute. And if the pulse quickens from some experiences, the difference between a calm state and an excited one will be as much as 30%, while in men this difference will hardly reach 20%.

Fact # 2: about the intimate zone

Often the skin in the genital area has a different color. In white-skinned light-eyed and light-haired blondes, this zone may be a little bluish or with a purple tinge. Whereas in dark-skinned and mulatto women, it is usually a tone lighter than other parts of the body. Another interesting point — in different places of the intimate zone, skin tones may differ. For example, the labia are usually darker than the pubis, and the perineum is lighter than the pubis. In principle, everything is very individual.

Fact # 3: about the neck

What will you see if you call a man from behind? It will turn its entire body towards you. And a woman will only need to turn her neck, well, and maybe a little shoulders. This is due to the fact that the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the female neck are more mobile than in men. And the fact that a man always prefers to react to surprise "in all combat readiness", because he turns his body, preparing to repel the attack — this is an instinct.

Fact # 4: about Breasts

No, we are not going to say what size is considered ideal-everyone has their own personal preference. But the fact is that one breast is naturally smaller in women, and the other is larger. In most cases, the right breast is larger in right-handers, since the pectoral muscle is more developed on this side. But sometimes it is the opposite, that the breast will be larger on the left side, even if the girl is right-handed. Most often, the difference is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Fact # 5: about virginity

The hymen is not the main indicator that the girl really did not have any sexual relations before. In some cases, the hymen may rupture during exercise, Cycling, falls or bruises. Less often, but still possible, there are cases when a girl was born without a hymen — this is an innate physiological feature.

Fact # 6: about lipstick

What woman doesn't like to wear makeup?! And, of course, there is no lipstick that remains on the lips untouched. Representatives of the fair sex can eat about 2 kilograms of this type of cosmetics in their entire life. "Eat" it, by the way, and men — about a kilogram for life, and get this original "food" during kisses.

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