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Features of the Indian mentality, or what is it like, this Indian-Hindu?

Indians are definitely a unique people. They are not like Europeans or the rest of Asia. Neither culture, nor traditions, nor way of life. Their heads are also somehow arranged in their own way. Often their logic and the reason for their actions is not possible to understand and accept.

From the experience of interacting with Hindus-Indians (the last of the diaries on the link), I have formed a list of characteristics that most often correspond to "every self-respecting Indian Indian."

So, a real Indian.

He has no concept of personal space at all.

+ unpretentious, you can economically settle 10 Indians in one room :), easily makes contact, shares all his thoughts, things and food.

- no personal space for an Indian also exists. Get ready for annoying gazing at you and your belongings, pushing in transport, very close contact in line, endless clinging and trying to start a conversation on the street, in a restaurant, in a store - everywhere. If you are visiting the Indians, your room will be crowded all the time. If you are in a hotel and open the door, several pairs of eyes will form nearby. If you want to relax on a bike alone or sit together with your soul mate in the park, you won't be able to.


No problem - says the Indian. Straighten up, problems await you.

That’s my garantee - the Indian promises. At this moment, he does not even think about how he will fulfill the guarantees.

I will do my best - he exclaims. Keep in mind that in 5 minutes he will forget about his words.

It will take only 5 minutes. For sure - can mean 5 minutes, and maybe 2 hours. Never guess.

Indians lie selflessly, artistically and beautifully. Rarely is the goal negative, rather to show off. The rest of the Indians admire when they listen to beautiful lies, even if they know in advance that it is not true. The liar himself also does not care at all about whether the truth will come out. He will only catch the moment of glory or postpone the problem for later, and then he will figure it out, if that.

- if you have no experience of communicating with Indians, problems and disappointments await you.

+ This is a great talent, often worthy of admiration, as in front of an actor or a reader of epics. You can lie yourself without shame and conscience. Indians will not be disappointed or offended.

A quality Indian is not familiar with the sense of tact.

- will fill up with tactless questions, will annoyingly insist on answers and dig. He will lay out all the information he has about you aloud and loudly.

+ An Indian can be asked any tactless questions, he will not be offended. You can be slightly rude, refuse something, not answer a question - they will not be offended.

The word "no" in Russia is usually understood the second time, and in India - from 3-5. It is normal for an Indian to continue to insist on something.

Most of the Indians I met who weren't spoiled by tourism were not greedy at all.

+ not on tour. environment, you can count on sincerity and any possible help, including in matters related to money. Well, in general, it's nice to watch the preservation of self-esteem even in poverty.

- no downsides

An Indian is a real family man.

+ family values are very important. Respects older relatives, loves children, divorces are rare.

- less independence in life. The majority opinion of the family prevails over their own.

His strong point is bad manners. An unusually loud chomping while eating, blowing your nose, spitting and, most repulsive, constant scratching in all possible places. It's just awful!

- the whole point is one big minus. They are simply disgusting with their manners.

+ what are the advantages here. You just need to accept that they have different standards. Some Englishmen also look at the Russians and think "oh my God, he put his elbows on the table, did not put a napkin on his knees, knocks with a spoon on a cup." Here to each his own. And the Indians, by the way, do not have the best opinion of us either. They are outraged by girls in shorts, scenes such as a girl giving a kick to a guy as a joke (master!), Smoking girls. Loudly munching and raking food with their hand, they criticize such ladies for their complete lack of manners :)

The Indian believes that everything that happens happens according to the will of God, karma, fate, etc.

It has nothing to do with it and cannot influence anything. Why worry, I'd rather lie down and look at the stars.

+ lack of stress, a positive outlook on things, faith in the best. Even with a terrible life, the Indian does not stop believing that tomorrow his luck will come.

- a passive approach, the expectation that everything will float by itself. Not willingness to accept responsibility for their actions and failures.

And the reader and the reaper (priest?) And the player on the pipe. Compared to the same Russians, Indians are quite creative personalities. They love to dance, do not hesitate to sing, many draw, sculpt, cut out.

+ it can be fun with them, well, for the Indians themselves it is useful, for general harmony

- confidence in one's talent usually significantly exceeds quality

The Indian has his own concept of beauty. Both natural and unnatural. They litter nature. They are removed only where necessary, not a step to the left, not a step to the right.

They rarely decorate their home. And if they do decorate, it is not very neat, often tasteless. The same is in clothes - they combine incongruous, they like loud combinations, unexpected accessories.

Apparently, they are at that stage of self-development when they look inward and not outward?

So neither clean rivers, nor gardens without pieces of paper, nor design in the house are needed. And for whom are beautiful trash cans only?

Although, rather, they are just lazy. The Indian concept of comfort is radically different from ours. Primitively equipped bathrooms, a minimum of furniture, storage of clothes in bags in suitcases instead of a comfortable and beautiful chest of drawers or wardrobe and subsequent picking in these bags do not bother them. Antediluvian building tools, a dull knife, sometimes in a single person, in the kitchen. Sticking wires and dangling sockets. Hard beds, on which they both eat and put guests. And they often sleep in clothes in a tumble. And all from unwillingness to spend some time on household chores.

Many tourists lament that poor rickshaws sleep in their carriages. Believe me, they are fine. Paul of India sleeps in beds that are comparable to a rickshaw's stroller in terms of comfort, even with the opportunity to improve conditions.

- the whole item. Nature is especially frustrating, which suffers for nothing.

+ If you try to understand, not condemn, perhaps the high level of poverty sets priorities differently.

Well, if you look at yourself. Did they clean up after themselves in Russia after a picnic in the forest 80 years ago? And even now, not all are cleaned.

An important Indian skill is very cleverly, without batting an eye, to merge with the topic and ignore uncomfortable questions. Especially concerning his stocks. You ask him a question or a complaint - he will blather you quickly, quickly on another topic. You repeat - he turns away, starts doing something. The third time - he, like "Oh, I completely forgot, I urgently need to take my mom tomatoes / call a friend / pick up clothes from the laundry", etc. The more you press, the more your eyes and hands begin to run, a fuss begins, you see tension, but does not want to give up. I enjoy playing this game with our Indian workers. I always win) Only if the employee does not wait until I am distracted for a minute and escapes slowly)

And this is their manner at the right moment to sharply forget English) Yes, so naively sincere) Just skill!

- if an Indian does not want to give any information, it is very difficult to get it. Such communication can be very annoying, especially when there is no time.

+ the morale of the Indians. The wall between you and the trouble is nirvana within)

What was not voiced out loud - that was not.

All five-minute acquaintances of an Indian immediately become his friends, brothers, sisters, etc.

+ positive, easy interaction, a large number of acquaintances, connections, the ability to easily find the right people, information, help

- it looks annoying for foreigners. Especially for people from more culturally closed countries.

The Indian is absolutely sincerely very self-confident. He believes that he can do everything and is the best. Cope with what he has not done before, 100%

+ what are these complexes for? Need to try! The right approach.

- easily spoil or break something. Be carefull :)

Very proud. He always remembers caste and position.

non-tourism Indians are very dignified. They refuse gifts and money, hungry for food. The only shirt is washed each time. Nice to look at.

- sometimes too selective. For example, restaurant workers from the 3rd caste (from a podcast of fishermen, seamstresses or laundresses) wrinkle their noses when I force them to pick up a piece of paper from the floor. This is not a lordly business! Nobody wants to wash dishes at all. This is a low job, try to find such a worker here in Khajuraho. the dishwasher gets more than the waiter. The floor washer will never stoop to wash the toilet, etc.

Slow and lazy. When you look at an Indian working, it seems that he is about to fall on his face and fall asleep.

make work 3 times longer than required and with poor quality

+ having lived in India, I realized that this is how they survive. With a more intense regime in such heat and not long to die.

Extremely curious. Returning to the point about tactlessness - the nose pokes everywhere. It is not possible to hide something from an Indian. As soon as something happens on the street, everyone immediately drops their business and runs to look.

- something is happening all the time, so the work is idle while the Indian is listening, looking out and discussing. They interfere in the places of origin of accidents, disasters, etc., real chaos is formed.

+ everyone knows everything. In general, all this is out of boredom. They just have nothing else to do.

Closed and shy in everything that concerns relations between men and women. More details here.

Is there something else that I missed, or somewhere wrong? Write in the comments!

If you are interested in going to India and see everything with your own eyes - contact us, I will organize!



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