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Features of holidays in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez seems to be specially created for romantics and just lovers of Provencal charm. Located on the French Riviera, the town is one of the most prestigious resorts in the region. People willingly come here for the first time, having heard about this cozy place, and return here again and again, conquered by the charm of southern nature and the color of the region.

And despite the fact that the town is quite small, there are only about two thousand local residents here, but in summer it becomes a real center of turbulent, boiling resort life. After all, it just falls in love with the gentle sea, gentle sun, traditional architecture and friendly people. And it is not for nothing that this city was chosen as the location for the filming of many famous films: "and God created a woman” with Brigitte Bordeaux in the title role, and "the Gendarme of Saint-Tropez" with Louis de Funes, and "the Pool" with Alain Delon. You can still admire the inexhaustible energy of the city, clearly visible even on the TV screen. In addition, famous artists, in particular, Paul Signac and Pierre Bonnard, sought to capture the beautiful landscapes of Saint-Tropez on their canvases.

When you go to the embankment of the city, which offers a beautiful view of the sea surface, you realize that thousands of kilometers have not been overcome in vain. You can really enjoy your vacation in this charming place, which provides a lot of opportunities for spending time, designed for absolutely every taste. This is a wonderful beach holiday on one of the cleanest beaches of the city or its surroundings, and sightseeing, and excellent shopping, and all sorts of entertainment. In addition, it is here that you can see famous movie stars who prefer to spend their free time enjoying the views and special atmosphere of Saint-Tropez. After all, even in the 50s, the city became a favorite place for movie stars, musicians, fashion designers and other Bohemians.

The proximity to nice (it is located just an hour's drive from the city), the opportunity to participate in many festivals and festivals held here, as well as the unique view that opens from high points on the sea and the Alps, only finally convince you to make a decision in favor of a vacation in this place, which will allow everyone to find something..


Unfortunately, due to the whimsical terrain and other historical circumstances, Saint-Tropez can not boast of having a railway connection. Therefore, if you decide to relax in this city, you should choose something else. So, you can get to the famous resort by bus or fly by plane. However, without transfers, again, you can not do here.

The first and best option for most tourists is to fly by plane to nice, and from there (from nice to Saint-Tropez about 100 kilometers) order a transfer to the hotel or take a bus yourself. Fortunately, the bus service between the cities is inexpensive and regular.

Most flights from Moscow to nice are connecting and cost approximately 300 to 500 euros in both directions per person. There are also direct flights, but they are much more expensive-approximately in the range of 550-900 euros. It will be cheaper to fly from Kiev. Connecting flights here will cost about 250-300 euros, but direct options are much less and they cost about 500 euros.

Naturally, the earlier you order tickets, the cheaper they will cost.

You can also take a bus from San Raphael, Toulon or Cannes. You can also get to Saint-Maxime or Grimaud first, and then to Saint-Tropez by ferry (15-20 minutes). The ferry also runs from San Rafael.

Thus, getting to Saint-Tropez will not be difficult, however, at the height of the season, especially during the summer vacation season, the travel time may increase due to the large flow of cars.

Food and drinks

Being in Saint-Tropez, you can really enjoy the cuisine of Provence, flavored with notes of Mediterranean traditions. All the dishes served here are distinguished by refinement and freshness, an unusual combination of flavors and at the same time, a unique harmony.

Walking around the local market, you admire the freshness and mouth-watering appearance of the products sold. Once you are there, you should definitely try the olives, which are sold directly in barrels and marinated in various herbs and spices. To give a light barbecue flavor, be sure to purchase a couple of bundles or sprigs of fragrant herbs-thyme, rosemary or sage. And to really plunge into the world of unique tastes, try the local wine and cheese. So, typical for this area are soft cheese Poivre d ' Ane, as well as goat cheese Buchette de Banon or Cabri aux Epices (with the addition of herbs). Do not forget that You are on the sea coast, which can offer You a rich selection of seafood. Definitely buy, better early in the morning, a dozen oysters and try to drink them fresh, watering lemon juice and washed down with dry white wine (only that you need to make sure their quality, especially smell - it should smell like the sea, and revealing, to see that inside was not turbid liquid or odor). And if the first two or three seem alive and strange, then later You will get into the taste and at the first opportunity you will try to drink this storehouse of vitamins and youth.

You can also buy mussels (they are also drunk raw or cooked), other types of shellfish, as well as elite fish - Dorado or tuna, more like meat. Of course, this fish is worth a decent price, from 25 to 45 euros per kilogram, depending on the place and season, but it is definitely worth trying, especially since the shops and markets often sell sliced steaks. Well, finishing the list of available gifts of the sea (and there are a lot of them, I list only the most popular), you can remember about crabs or lobsters. You can buy them alive, freeze them, and then cook them. Or you can try stuffing it. However, such dishes are only served by experienced Housewives, and most often they are served in restaurants.

As for some traditional dishes, on the table you will often see lamb, grilled on the barbecue or stewed in wine sauce, Ratatouille, tapenade (pasta made from ground olives and anchovies, sometimes with the addition of dried tomatoes or nuts) and all sorts of salads, one of the most popular among which is considered "Mesclan" (with dandelion leaves and spices).

The real king of the local cuisine is Bouillabaisse-a soup made from a large number of fish and seafood, partially ground, and partially floating inside, with the addition of aromatic herbs.

As for restaurants and cafes where you can try all this, do not be afraid to experiment. Choose any one you like. Cuisine for the French is sacred, especially in such a busy place, where you need to fight for numerous visitors. Therefore, as a rule, chefs try very hard to please their guests. The only thing that can upset you is the prices. But usually the menu is displayed outside, so you can walk past several places that interest You and choose a more acceptable one.

The most popular restaurant of local cuisine is Les Graniers Plage, it is a permanent place for celebrities to relax. It is not surprising, of course, that the prices here are appropriate. In search of a more modest lunch or dinner, you can look at the pretty restaurant Canaille. The real Paradise for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, in my opinion, is La Ponche, located right in the center of the city. Well, I was personally very impressed with the restaurant Le Girelier, located right at the port. Here you can enjoy the extraordinary taste of meat dishes or sea delicacies. Although the prices are not cheap (about 20 euros per dish), they are not the most expensive, and the menu is distinguished by excellent taste and refinement. It is good to get here at lunch, when you can get a set of appetizers, main course and dessert for about 30-35 euros.

Thus, in Saint-Tropez you can taste the dishes of Provence, get acquainted with the Mediterranean cuisine, and if you want exotic, then wander through the streets in search of restaurants of Indian, Moroccan or other cuisines, which are also plentiful.

What to see in Saint-Tropez?

Saint-Tropez is not just one of the most popular resorts on the French Riviera, but also a city with a long history. It is believed that the first settlers appeared here in the 2nd century BC. According to legend, once to the shore of a small village that already existed here, the waves washed up a small boat on which was the body of Saint Tropez, executed by the Roman Emperor Nero, an ardent persecutor of Christians. In his honor, the inhabitants named their village Saint-Tropez, and later a small town appeared in its place. Many interesting events have taken place on its land over a long history. But the most significant was the victory of four French ships in an unequal battle with the Spanish squadron in the 17th century, in honor of which still every year on July 15, the city organizes a carnival procession and a big holiday.

It is not surprising that a city that has existed on the face of the Earth for such a long time can show and tell its guests a lot. When you come here, you should definitely get acquainted with the main attractions of Saint-Tropez, because without it you will not be able to fully understand the atmosphere of this cozy town in the South of the country.

And the first place to go is a powerful citadel, preserved here since the 16th century and towering over the city with its harsh tower. At one time, this defensive structure played an important role in protecting the land from Spanish invaders, but now it provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a beautiful panorama of the surrounding area. After all, its top offers a unique view of the city itself, the azure surface of the sea, as well as the impressive peaks of the des Maures mountains and the Alps.

After admiring the view in front of you, you can also visit the Maritime Museum located in the tower, where you will learn a lot about the heroic past of the entire region.

There are also interesting museums in Saint-Tropez. One of the most famous is considered to be the "house of butterflies". This popularity is due to the impressive size of the collection, numbering about 20 thousand copies and being one of the largest collections of this kind in all of Europe.

You can also visit the Museum "l'annonciade", which presents original paintings by impressionist artists.

Special attention should also be paid to the Saint-Tropez embankment, which is not only a great place for a morning or evening promenade, but also a kind of center of cultural life of the resort. Here you can see artists who put their paintings on display and evaluate the public, and street musicians, as well as take part in entertainment programs.

Many celebrities choose Saint-Tropez as a place to relax, so you can go to Pampellon beach, located in the suburb of Saint-Tropez and famous for its elite club Le Club 55, whose regular guests are millionaires, famous actors, cultural figures and politicians.

But if you want to see what real yachts are and see whole houses on the water, then go to the port of Grimaud, the so-called "French Venice". And indeed, when you arrive in this town, you will see that instead of streets, channels are laid, and from many houses there are peculiar piers that you can run along in a minute to your own yacht. The town impresses with its unique atmosphere and unusual views, so you can spend hours walking along its narrow streets, looking at old and modern buildings and admiring the numerous yachts.

Do not forget that the entire southern coast of France is famous for its special color, clearly visible even in the smallest village, each of which itself is of considerable interest for its architecture, traditions, as well as local folk crafts. Therefore, You will not regret if you visit the small town of Cogolin, which produces world-famous carpets made by hand, or Saint - Maxime, which is popular among visitors to the region not only for its beautiful beaches, but also the Museum of photography and mechanical music, the exhibition of which tells visitors about various musical instruments and original ways of playing music, starting from antiquity.

How to have fun?

Everything in the southern city of Saint-Tropez is created for entertainment. The whole of Saint-Tropez is one big entertainment! But a little more about the night clubs and bars that are so great to go to after a day on the beach or shopping.

«Café de Paris»(15, quai Suffren)

One of the most popular local and foreign night clubs in the city. A chic and fashionable club is exactly the place where people come to show themselves and look at others. Located next to the port, the club also offers tables and an outdoor terrace, and the interior decor is large red sofas and mirrors in gold frames. A complete set, in short. Among the visitors to the club and meet a famous personality. Extremely popular during the summer season, the club also attracts large crowds during the off-season.

"Chez Joseph "(5, rue Cepoun)

With an entrance that hides on a quaint cobbled street, it has been one of the most chic and popular Nightclubs in Saint Tropez for many years. The club attracts a diverse and alternative crowd, and in addition to great parties, offers a good menu in the restaurant. The bar is furnished in a classic style, with white tablecloths, lots of wood, and minimal decorations.

«L'Esquinade»(2, rue du Four)

This classic dance club has been leading the entertainment scene in Saint-Tropez for many decades. Quite popular with locals, the club provides an avant-garde atmosphere and fun until late at night.

«VIP Room»(Résidences du Nouveau Port)

This is a night club for the rich and famous locals and tourists who can afford it. In the club above, you can find a dance floor and a small bar. The music that you can hear in this club is modern-techno, house and other styles. The interior of the room is dominated by dark purple and green colors, and white lights sparkle everywhere, which, by the way, also outline the winding staircase leading to the entrance to this luxurious club. At the door of the club you are met by a doorman, Oh how!


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