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Favorite vacation spots for millionaires.

People who have a lot of everything don't dream anymore. They just enjoy their opportunities and enjoy life.

Those who know a lot about luxury clothing, luxury homes and super expensive cars and yachts, their moments of leisure prefer to spend not just where and just how. They do not deny themselves anything, they choose truly heavenly places to relax. And all these places are not just expensive. They are very expensive.

The Islands of the Caribbean The Caribbean sea is a wonderful "corner" of the planet, sheltering many densely and sparsely populated Islands and islets. Almost all of them are distinguished by the amazing beauty of nature, the mildest climate and beautiful sea coasts. But among them there are the most-the most loved by the rich and famous. The so-called "Islands of millionaires". The Island Of Saint-Barthélemy

The first among the "most" – the island of Saint-Berthelemy. A small island-only 21 km2 of area-once looked after the famous banker Rockefeller. Ennobling a secluded and inaccessible island, he moved here hunting "mansion" in the Norman style and regularly came to "relax" body and soul. Next, Rockefeller's eternal friend and competitor, Rothschild, pulled up, buying a piece of island land. And off we went! Celebrities began to come to the island, many bought huge villas and modest bungalows, so that they could come here at any time without any trouble or problems. Frequent visitors to the island are representatives of the Ford clan and Abramovich and his wife-girlfriend Daria. It is visited by Prince albert of Monaco and his companions, although his historical homeland is generally no worse than Saint Barthelemy. Celebrities usually arrive on the island on their own yachts. Therefore, in the port of the only city – and Gustavia is also the capital of the microstate – you can see a luxurious parade of luxury boats. The Island Of Antigua

Once the island was "lagging". All the neighboring Islands had already somehow decided on their destination, and only Antigua "swayed" the longest. But after the improvement of the island was transformed and was pulled like a magnet to people with tight wallets. Antigua attracted both financial moguls, and political Beau Monde, and representatives of show business: Giorgio Armani, Timothy Dalton, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Eric Clepton. The latter even built a specialized center on the island, where they help those suffering from drug addiction. Of course, the rich are suffering.

Necker Island

This tiny piece of land in the Caribbean sea-1200 m long and 200 m wide-is private property, owned by the founder of the Virgin Group, billionaire Richard Branson. The unearthly beauty of the island is complemented by wonderful flamingos, which Branson breeds especially for the delight of the eyes. Welcome guests on the island are creative stars. For example, Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey often rest here.

. Mustique Island

The fate of Mustique, part of the Lesser Antilles, was determined in the middle of the last century. Then the English Royal family chose it for recreation. As a result, the island attracted the rich and famous. And although now the crowned heads spend time in other luxurious places, the starry public, who appreciated the beauty of the island, still relax here. The peculiarity of the island is the dense vegetation, planted so often that it is impossible to see anything through the branches, let alone take pictures. Ubiquitous preparations on Mustique can not be feared. The island was adored by David Bowie, who vacationed there countless times. Now the title of "permanent resort" - for Mick Jagger.

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