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Facts about Swedish men

1. The Swedes are tall, calm blondes. That everyone already knows, but it's worth recalling again - because a large number of tall, calm blondes makes an unexpectedly strong impression on an unusual female gaze.

2. Swedish men take care of children a lot and without strain, with the same self-evident look with which women in Russia do it. On the streets of Stockholm every now and then you meet dads with offspring of different sex and age, and from the way they deftly treat each other, you can see that this is a familiar situation for everyone.

3. "Since we won feminism, our men expect that the woman herself will pester them in the bar. The Swede attacks you first only if he is drunk," the Stockholm women explained to me. - "That is, if he himself spoke to you in the bar, the next second he will fall."

4. Swedes are punctual.

5. About 80% of Stockholm men are single. An advertisement on a foreign television channel makes this an important argument in favor of tourism in Sweden. "Are you looking for a partner? Come to Stockholm! The Swedes are the most unmarried nation!" There is some kind of internal contradiction in this advertisement, it seems to me.

6. Swedish men love to cook. For example, bake bread at home. A Swede friend said that at the age of five he baked his first pie after reading a recipe in his home cookbook. Present the Swede with a rolling pin and a set of baking dishes for his birthday and he will be happy.

7. Swedes love nature. Another way to please a Swedish man is to take him out on a picnic. You will not surprise a Swede with intricate underwear or sexual games: in Sweden, porn is shown on central television. Arranging a picnic is as easy as shelling pears - according to the law in Sweden, you can set up tents, pick mushrooms and berries in private property. The only thing that is still impossible is to break into houses.

8. Most Swedes consider themselves Lutherans, but do not attend church.

9. When a Swede discusses the shortcomings of the "system", he is not talking about the situation in the country or the government. He talks about buying alcohol.

10. The easiest way to get to know a Swedish man better is to invite him to "fika". "Fika" is a traditional Swedish afternoon snack with tea and buns (not to be confused with lunch, which makes for a full meal). Please note that Swedes prefer to move in groups, so you will have to take with you on "fika" not only the man you like, but also five or six of his friends. There may be several "fika" per day.

11.Swedish men take great care of themselves. They are well versed in fashion trends, they try to dress stylishly, in general they are not inferior to anyone in the ability to look their best.

What national characteristics of Swedish men do you need to get used to:

1. Swedes find it difficult to get along with people. They are couch potatoes. At the same time, in Sweden there are a lot of different associations of interests, problems, diseases. Such associations do not provide any benefits and privileges. Simply by uniting, people feel more comfortable among their fellow thinkers.

2. What kind of fables have not been invented about Swedish families. Yes, they have guest marriages. People have been living apart for years, although they love each other and have children. But they live apart. They have families where a man and a woman live their whole lives together, never having completed the marriage ceremony. But they love and suffer just like in any other country. Watch Ingmar Bergman's films, or at least read his book Scenes from Marriage. And a lot about the Swedes will become clearer. If a woman is going to get married in Sweden, she should read the books of Swedish writers, try to understand the traditions of this country.

3. For many years the Swedes were famous for their tolerance towards foreigners. But too many people from different countries, with cultural and religious traditions far from Swedish, became a certain problem for the Swedish society. All this has led to the fact that the Swedes have become much more careful of foreigners.

4. The attitude towards Russians deserves special attention. Unfortunately, the negative reputation that certain criminal elements created for Russians in the 1990s led to a wary attitude towards our compatriots. At the same time, the Swedes pay tribute to the hard work and intelligence of those Russians who have found their place in Swedish life. For many Swedes, Russian wives were a great incentive to move up the social ladder. There are also negative examples of marriages between Swedes and Russians, but there are many such examples in other countries.

5. As for the standard of living, there are small salaries in Sweden. However, here people with such salaries have a lot of benefits and subsidies. All these subsidies come from the pockets of those who earn a lot. Therefore, in recent years, dissatisfaction has increased in Swedish society with the very high level of subsidies for those who earn little and live well at the expense of benefits and benefits.

6. How to spend money. More than once, a different approach to spending on the family budget has caused strife in international families. It would be good to know in advance about certain traditions of spending family funds. Swedes love spacious accommodation. Heating such housing is expensive. But the Swedes are also quite smart in searching for various economical technologies. The catering system is very well developed. There are many different cafes and restaurants in any Swedish city. The food is good, but not cheap. However, for Swedes, dining in a restaurant or cafe is not a luxury. Poor Swedes live in rented apartments and drive small cars. But their standard of living is by no means low. Some of the emigrants, as well as local drug addicts and alcoholics, cannot afford such a standard of living. At the same time, they will not be allowed to disappear. There are very few over-rich people in Sweden. The high level of taxes does the trick. And it is not accepted to boast of one's wealth here.

7. Swedes prefer their families to have a rest. Older people choose quiet resorts in Europe, like to visit museums and various ancient monuments. Young people travel all over the world. A special group is Swedish pensioners. It is customary in the country to make pension savings that allow them to lead a comfortable life. Many parks and forest parks make it possible to relax at home without leaving the country. Modern cottage villages, pleasant landscaping, beautiful and well-groomed trees, flowers and shrubs delight the eye everywhere. Every Swedish city has more than one swimming pool. And these pools are affordable for any citizen of the country. Cheerful feasts with alcohol are not accepted. There are drinkers, but traditionally the Swedes prefer other "types of recreation".

8. Swedes don't like getting divorced. The legislation protects the rights of both divorces. With whom the court will leave the child in case of divorce - it is difficult to guess. If you are thinking about divorcing a Swede, then first consider taking your child out of the country. Our women are used to the fact that one statement is enough: "I am a mother." This is not an argument in a Swedish court. The decision will be made in favor of the parent whom the child chooses or who can provide the best education and comfortable living for the child. Both the moral level and the reputation of each of the parents will be taken into account. You will not be able to take out a child born in a marriage with a Swede if the ex-spouse does not agree. The border guards are very picky. Getting married in Sweden is both possible and tempting. But first you need to decide for yourself how ready you are to accept their traditions and mentality.



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