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The best hotels in Turkey, chosen by our expert, including luxury hotels, five-star hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels and Turkey hotel deals

Hotel Villa Turka HotelAlanya, Turquoise Coast, Turkey

9/10 Telegraph expert rating, A stylish hotel with comfortable rooms, wonderful home-cooking and superb views. It attracts a multi-national crew of discerning travellers who want distinctive accommodation in one of the most picturesque locations on Turkey’s Mediterranean shore.

Courtyard Hotel Kalkan, HotelKalkan, Turquoise Coast, Turkey

9/10 Telegraph expert rating This boutique hotel nestled in a former Greek fishing village is as stylish as it is historic, serving brilliant breakfasts on a terrace with sweeping views, not to mention impromptu rooftop barbecues.

Likya Yolu Palas Hotel, HotelKapakl, Turkey

9/10 Telegraph expert rating, A traditionally built property with just five bedrooms, located on a rocky hillside high above the sea, Likya Yolu Palas is an intimate place to stay. The owners will happily pass on tips for local walks, and cook up fresh Turkish fare on the roof terrace.

We all love a bit of romance. Amid all the fun in the sun, it’s easy to fall in love on holiday. But, what are the chances it will work out? What are the pros and cons of a holiday romance in Turkey?

It amazes me that romance in Turkey gets such bad press. Yes, of course, there are the horror stories that appeal to the gossip press. Why is it we love reading the negatives over the positives? Does it make us feel better? There will always be the older women that fall for a struggling young waiter. There will always be the girls that are charmed by the dark-haired and handsome foreigner, trust them with all their worldly goods and, a year later, their ‘love’, and all their money, has disappeared. But, this isn’t Turkey specific. It’s life. Con-men skirt the gutters of towns and cities the world over – you just have to roll with the good and the bad, hope you don’t encounter one, trust you have the sense to make reasoned decisions or, to put it bluntly, have the brains to be more cautious with your heart and hard-earned cash.

Back to the good romantics.

Few places top Turkey in the romantic stakes. The country is so large, so diverse and so alluring that it makes the ideal setting for romance – be it a holiday fling, a wedding, a honeymoon or simply a breakaway to rekindle love. Despite popular belief, a holiday romance can work out and my relationship with my hubby is one such example. And, I’m not the only one. I know a few other foreign women in Fethiye that have met their partners in a local resort and many years later are happily settled and living with their Turk. It is possible but, believe me, falling for a foreigner does have its challenges and you have to be prepared to sacrifice a great deal to make it work out.

1. A boost in self-esteem.

Most of us enjoy a bit of attention. As a single woman on holiday, with or without the girlfriends in tow, you are likely to receive plenty of attention in Turkey. All the sun and fun makes us relax. We are away from our mundane routine and on holiday to have fun and adventures. No matter how fat, thin, old or young you are, you are bound to attract the attention of local men. It’s a confidence boost. It does us good and makes us feel better as long as it’s not taken too seriously. A little attention and feeling attractive can make us happy and surely that’s a good thing – you don’t necessarily have to wake up with the man the next day.

2. No strings attached. A romance can spice up your holiday and make it memorable.

Let’s face it, you are highly unlikely to be with the Turkish man you meet on holiday in six months time. Take your holiday fling for exactly what it is – a no-strings-attached bit of fun for a week or so and enjoy the adventure. Locals know where to go and can suggest the best places to visit. They know where to eat, where to party and, if you’re lucky, they may even sneak a few hours off work to take you to their favourite haunts. Avoid heartbreak and think of it initially as an adventure that will make your holiday memorable. Just remember to be safe and trust your instincts – if something feels amiss, you’ve had a few too many cocktails or you feel pressured, get a taxi and go home. If your wannabe man is any kind of decent bloke he won’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, he will wait for you and be happy to see you again.

3. Enjoy the romance – there’s something very romantic about falling in love on holiday.

“I met a great guy on holiday and I’m already looking at flights to go back to Turkey!”  I’m sure many a girl has said that to mates on returning home after a good holiday (I know I did!). There’s something very attractive about foreign guys – maybe it’s the tanned skin, the accent, their Mediterranean looks – all just so alluring and mysterious. It’s easy to fall for a local and many Turks go out of their way to charm you and be the perfect man. It’s unlikely you will sit and share a sunset as spectacular as you can in Calis back home with a man you meet in Chelmsford. It’s also highly unlikely you will bob about on a romantic boat trip or take a dip in waters as warm and clear in Great Yarmouth. Romantic dates in Turkey are hard to beat. It’s easy to get swept away in romance on holiday, it gives us great memories and certainly makes holidays brag-worthy with friends at home.

4. Occasionally a holiday romance can work out.

Yes, a holiday fling can turn into the real thing if it’s really meant to be. In my case, I was already living in Oludeniz before I met Unal. I didn’t move across to be with him, we simply met at the right point in our lives to want to settle down and find someone serious (yawn – dull I know!). But, for most foreign girls that live away from Turkey, managing a relationship over so many miles is far harder. You need to visit frequently and at some point, when you are both on the same page, may need to give up your life and career at home and move over to give the relationship a good shot (it’s far harder for Turks to live or visit the UK). If you are prepared to do this, to risk everything and live in a new country and culture, a relationship with a Turk can indeed work out. My only advice would be to fully understand and accept the implications of moving abroad to be with a man before making any big or spur of the moment decisions.


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