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European male names.

European male names have been formed over the centuries under the influence of various factors. Therefore, today we can distinguish several large groups based on the main language systems. All of them have many common characteristics: a beautiful sound, the use of several names, and a sacramental meaning. Many names for boys belong to the period of antiquity, some are Christian and Catholic, a number have Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon roots. A special category are the Eastern European Slavic names that combine the practicality of Western and Slavic melodious sonority. There is an Anglo-Saxon language group, where the list of names was formed according to its own laws.

Male name A Alessandro 4 male defender Andrea 5 manly, brave; man G Gabriel 19 God's helper, God's strong man, God's stronghold L Leo 30 Lev Lorenzo 4 Laurentian, resident of the city of Laurentian Louis 13 noble warrior Luke 53 light M Maximilian 35 the greatest N Nathan 16 given by God P Paul 7 modest, small

In Europe, due to the diversity of culture and a large number of peoples and nationalities, there has historically been a large nominologist – with a huge selection of names. Many men's names have become universal in Europe and in the world. Some European names have become popular in Russia.

European names for boys have been shaped by political, national, cultural and ethnic factors for many centuries. They were created on the basis of two or more language systems, so most of them have a rich heterogeneous sound. Despite many differences, common names of the peoples of Europe have a lot in common. They were United by their popularity not only in their native land, but also abroad, as well as a deep semantic meaning and beautiful pronunciation.

At the turn of the 21st century, Spanish films flooded into our lives from television screens. And the fascination of Russian Housewives with TV series led to the fact that the country has its own Alberto, Juana and Pedro. But European names for boys (modern) in Spain have long been not limited to Luis and Julio. Now in the country, the newborn is called Miguel, Jorge, Enrique or Fernando (Ferdinand

It is not clear whether the Italians endow names with attractiveness, or whether the name gives its owner a positive energy. Despite the fact that an expressive people reveres traditions, it is difficult for them to keep within strict limits. Modern parents are increasingly calling boys the names of football players, stars and idols. For Example, Libero, Anwar, Danilo, Domenico.


No matter how beautiful European names are for boys, it is important to know that they must be consonant with the surname and patronymic. Therefore, when choosing a beautiful Spanish name for your son, Luis Carlos or Juan, think about whether your child will be comfortable in the future.

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