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Duties of a man in the UAE

The position of men in eastern countries is dominant, everyone knows about it! However, some people really think that a man has no obligations to his family. Yes, he does not do his homework, since this is completely the task of the wife, she is the protector of the hearth and comfort, but some rules and customs make a man, oddly enough, a hostage of a woman, we will talk about this now. Arab men

A man in the eastern world is primarily a breadwinner who must take care of his family and create all the conditions for his relatives to live at the highest possible level. That is why today the well-known word "harem" is rarely found in eastern countries, and in the Emirates in particular. Despite the fact that the Arab world has a positive attitude towards polygamy, the rules of this tradition are very strict. For example, you can take no more than four wives, but each should have their own separate home and full observance of her interests, so that only very rich people can afford a harem. If we take the Bedouin traditions, then their greatest holiday is the birthday of the girl, since her birth directly affects the well-being of the whole family. Yes, the initiative to marry comes exclusively from the groom's family, but the kalym that a young man in love has to pay is rarely less than $ 50,000! By the way, such a high price for a bride is also explained by the fact that in this country there are three men per woman, so love must be proved! But that's not all, the wedding, which traditionally should last several days, is also paid for by the spouse, which has led to the emergence of so-called group weddings, the purpose of which is to reduce the price of the event.

If it seems to you that men's duties are over, then this is not true! A man should take care of his wife in every possible way and not only give her gifts, but also give her gifts in the literal sense of the word, because this is the only way he can count on lunch and a clean house. In fact, the cleanliness of the house and the upbringing of beautiful children according to all the traditions of the country is a woman's payment for the kind attitude of a man. In addition to the breadwinner, the spouse plays the role of a protector, so a woman cannot go out into the street without his accompaniment; in the modern world, the store is an exception.

In general, as you can see, everything has two sides of the coin, and the freedom with which a man lies on the terrace has already been paid for several times.



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