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Don't rely on luck: how to choose travel insurance

To go on a trip, you need insurance for those traveling abroad. Without it, they do not issue tours and do not make a visa. Getting sick or injured abroad without at least minimal insurance is not only a dubious pleasure, but also a blow to the budget. The speed and quality of medical care is not the responsibility of the insurance company, but of the Service center or Assistance — an intermediary between the insurer and the medical organization. It is also responsible for calling a doctor and placing them in the clinic. Most insurance companies cooperate with Global Voyager, Savitar, Balt and Glass assistance. To find out who will serve you, read the insurance terms and conditions carefully. If you get sick on vacation, call Assistance, and it will contact and negotiate with doctors.

Types of insurance

In General, you can insure anything. We will list only current types of travel insurance.

Basic health insurance

The most affordable insurance required for obtaining visas, which costs several hundred rubles. It is inexpensive, but it protects you when traveling and provides a minimum set of services. Depending on where you are going, you can add options to this insurance: from assistance with a jellyfish bite to hospitalization for pregnancy complications. If you have allergies or chronic diseases, we recommend that you enter these options in the policy. Going to a country where medicine is very expensive, take insurance up to 50 thousand euros, and not up to 30, as in a standard policy.

Travel insurance for sports

Advanced insurance option for fans of active and extreme recreation. It is, of course, more expensive than the basic one and depends on the type of activity that you are going to do on the trip — be sure to specify them when registering. Horse riding, Cycling, Quad Biking and motorcycles are also considered active activities.

Insurance against loss of baggage

According to various sources, every year about 2% of baggage is lost during flights. Therefore, insurance companies offer to insure your suitcase along with its contents — so if you lose it, you will at least receive compensation. But just as with any insurance, it is important to read the contract: the insurance does not cover money, jewelry and precious stones, documents, medical devices and many other expensive items. They are insured separately.

Insurance for a hangover

Yes! However, only one insurance company — the German ERV-has such a package of services. It guarantees medical care for diseases or injuries resulting from alcohol, drug or toxic intoxication. This is almost a unique service, because most companies consider alcohol intoxication to be an uninsured event.

Insurance against third-party attacks

It is useful if you are going to a country with a high crime rate, and just if you are afraid that you will be robbed — thieves who profit from careless tourists, even in prosperous countries.

Travel insurance

Compensates for travel expenses if you had to interrupt your vacation or cancel it altogether — you were not given a visa, forgot to pay taxes, or changed your plans. This is especially true for those who plan a vacation six months before the intended trip or more. This is one of the most expensive insurance, the cost starts from 8% of the tour price.

Travel policy

For trips across Russia, the usual MMI policy will be enough. But if you like extreme tourism and often travel, we recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy. In addition to basic medical care, it includes additional services: from advanced diagnostics to transportation of the victim, if he can not move independently, or at the time of departure on their tickets will still be in the hospital. Insurers especially recommend to think about such a policy for lovers of Hiking, climbing and mountain skiing.

What to pay attention to when choosing insurance

Do not choose an insurance company and assitance — that you'll be dealing with if there is a claim. You can find reviews of various assistance services on the Internet. For example, on assistances.info. Remember that some insurance companies cooperate with several assistance services at once (for example, Alfastrahovaniya has four of them). Choose insurance without a deductible. A deductible is an amount that a company may not pay. For example, if your insurance deductible is 40 euros, and the doctor's bill is set at 60, the company will only pay 20 euros, and you will pay the rest out of your own pocket. Insurance with deductibles in recent years are not often found, they are usually the cheapest. Before buying, compare different offers from insurance companies. The easiest way to do this is on sravni.ru: select the country, date of trip, number and age of tourists and the site will give you all possible offers. Take insurance not exactly for the dates of the trip, but with a margin, especially if you are waiting for a difficult and long flight with connections. Visit the dentist in a timely manner — because of pressure and temperature changes, untreated teeth can get hurt, and dental services, except for emergency ones, are not covered by any insurance company.

What do you think travellers themselves

I always take it, because one day on vacation, my friend fell on a ski trip in Bansko and lost his memory. If there was no insurance, I can't even imagine how we would deal with this situation. As it was a day later he was back on the Board Alexey Likes snowboard

Before trips, I buy regular insurance, but I only make sure that the package contains help for allergic reactions — I have attacks rarely, but aptly, and I do not want to spoil rare moments of rest with edema of the Quincke at all. Maria

I used to buy insurance only for visa processing, in other cases I went without it — on vacation I like to swim and bask in the sun, nothing extreme. But a couple of years ago, there was an incident that made me reconsider my views: after a competition in Spain, a well-known athlete-bodybuilder died in narrow circles. He didn't have insurance and the whole world collected money to transport the body, so it took about a month for all the procedures. We didn't know each other, but I followed his progress and this story shocked me. Since then, I do not neglect insurance, I try to take it for a long time — this is more profitable. Ivan

Not buy. I am on vacation in Russia and visa-free countries, I always have a first-aid kit with me, and emergency assistance is provided free of charge all over the world. Well, in General, I believe that what should be, will not pass: someone goes skiing and does not break anything, and someone went out for bread and fell, woke up-a cast. Elena

What about free medicine

In many countries, only emergency medical care and resuscitation services are free of charge. In all other cases-either insurance, or pay at the checkout. In many countries, only emergency medical care and resuscitation services are free of charge. In all other cases-either insurance, or pay at the checkout.


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