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Do I need to control my girlfriend?

For many guys, there is a problem in relationships – it is excessive control of their girls. Where does the girl go, with whom does she go, what is Pasha, what is Masha, what cafe, and what will you do there? If you recognize yourself in this behavior, then what follows is just for you. In addition to understanding women's psychology, seduction processes, experience, and much more, the passion for pickup and seduction provides many useful things for relationships. One of these things is understanding that the girl who is next to you, she is next to you exactly as long as she is next to you. The phrase may seem philosophical, but it has a purely practical meaning.

When you have sex with a seduced girl, and then her phone rings and it turns out that she has a boyfriend, to whom she tells stories about being in the library, in the store, at a friend's, on couples. After such cases, you realize that no matter how much you try to control the girl, if she wants to, she will have sex with someone else, perhaps even under your nose, literally in the next room, while you are laughing at some joke at a party. You can make every effort and think that you are completely in control. But everything happens exactly the opposite, the more effort to control, the less you control anything at all.

If you are inexperienced in communicating with girls, it may be difficult to understand this immediately. But you need to at least accept that controlling the girl is pointless. It makes sense to enjoy your relationship, it makes sense to enjoy what you have with each other, it makes sense to work on improving yourself and your relationship. And it makes sense to accept that any changes for the better or worse, including the girl's infidelity, are a normal and absolutely natural part of a relationship, perhaps not the best relationship, but, nevertheless, a relationship. And you can try as hard as you want to control the girl and your relationship, only it can only be worse.

Because the essence of all problems, including infidelity – is the relationship itself, what it is for you, for her, for both of you. And no one canceled physics, the more you try to control the girl, the more she will try to resist this control. Often it even happens that girls do something to spite their guys. The law of action-reaction works invariably.

Relax, accept the relationship and the fact that there can be any changes in it, even if you are strongly against it, and enjoy what you have. And you'll see, everything will be fine.


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