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Dining in Аmsterdam

Restaurant De Kas

If you prefer natural and fresh products, you are in De CAS. The establishment is not only located inside the former greenhouse, but also has its own greenhouses of vegetables and fruits, and all this directly in the Frankendael Park. The local cuisine is managed by two chefs: WIM de beer and Jos Timmer, who previously worked together at the Rijks restaurant. They rely on organic seasonal products, and their motto is: "In the day on the bed, in the evening on a plate." Every week, visitors are offered an updated menu of European cuisine, in which the main role is played by vegetables, although a variety of meat and fish is also presented.

Prices are moderate, and a three-course meal costs 35 euros, four-45 euros, five-57 euros, and six – 65 euros. They offer a good wine list, created in the same ecological way as the local dishes.

Utrechtsedwarstafel Restaurant

The European restaurant is a 5-minute walk from the Carre theater, and two magicians – chef Esther and sommelier Hans Verbeek, create their own ballet of food with a vinological arrangement. In a relaxed and informal atmosphere created by a thoughtful interior, guests are offered dishes from the freshest products, and among the usual meat assortment there is game-duck, venison. One of the features of the restaurant is the surprise menu, when the customer does not know what they will be treated to. Only during serving, the guest is told in detail about the ingredients. Each client has its own approach, and if necessary, even put a table of the right size. Fully vegetarian meals are only served when pre-ordered for groups of at least 8 people and for private parties.

The menu is divided into two levels. An order of three changes of the first level costs 75 euros, four dishes – 95 euros, and five-110 euros. The second-level menu is more expensive by about 25-30 euros. The price includes a glass of wine per person, but you can order extra: for the first level it is 7-9. 50 euros, for the second 13.50-15.50 euros.

Restaurant Adam

The restaurant is 1.7 km from the van Gogh Museum, and 20 minutes from Leidseplein square in the city center, where the old theater of Amsterdam –Stadtschauburg in the neo-Renaissance style is located. The team is led by a young and talented chef, Arne Russen. The kitchen is fully open, and often what happens there is no less exciting than tasting ready-made delicacies. The "Adam" has two types of menu-one with meat and fish, and the second for adherents of plant food. There is a service called wine-pairing, when you can help choose the wine for your dishes. According to visitors ' reviews on tripadvisor, the food is really delicious, and the service is fast and pleasant. European cuisine, more with Dutch traditions. Prices are higher than average, but quite justified: a three – course menu-38.50 euros, four-46.50 euros, five-52.50 euros, six-62 euros. A glass of wine – 7.50 euros.

Blauw aan de Wal restaurant

Many people know about this place, and not only because it is located in the red light district. The chef and owner of Dahan Olthuis rallied around a team able to work miracles with seasonal ingredients. European cuisine, suitable for vegetarians. Although the menu changes periodically, the favorites are the Zeus Platte oysters, fresh peas, summer chanterelles, Vialone Nano risotto, wild sea bass, Iberico pork and Valrona chocolate.

You can choose between four (62 euros), five (72 euros) and six courses (82 euros). A pleasant impression is also made by the environment, which has a lot of living plants, space and light. You can only get here by booking.

The Bluespoon Restaurant

"Blue spoon" is a restaurant bar which is located next to Emperor's canal (Keizersgracht). It offers national delicacies and award-winning cocktails. An international team gathered in the kitchen, and everyone's temperament was reflected in the preparation and design of each dish, while they all share the goal of making the food not only delicious, but also aesthetically attractive. The design is also noteworthy. The room is divided into zones: the Marcel wanders garden is surrounded by a cozy alcove for 12 people, the magnificent dining room for 14 people is decorated in blue tones and decorated with painted porcelain on the shelves, and the ADE zone is a separate round table for confidential meetings. Also, every week on Friday and Saturday, the eeuw pleasure ship with 12 passengers departs on the channel. The cruise lasts 90 minutes.

Separately, you can visit the Bluespoon bar, sitting at the counter or choosing a more private place. Here, too, there is the idea of themed areas and drinks (Alice in Amsterdam, Nonsense, Blooming in the snow, Cheshire cat Riddles, and others), so that guests can go on a trip down the rabbit hole, plunging deeper into Wonderland. The menu is varied and includes Breakfast, lunch and brunch. European cuisine, where everyone will find a dish to taste. Expect to spend in the range of 315-890 euros.

TDQ Steaks restaurant

Fans of meat will appreciate the local range, where you can find everything from Argentinian to Japanese fillet of beef. Each piece is lovingly prepared and served with one of the many flavorful sauces. Although the bet is on an excellent piece of meat, there are also seafood, soups and desserts, although not on such a wide scale.

The restaurant is located on Dam square. Type of cuisine: Steakhouse, international, grill. Designed for lunch and dinner. Plan to spend here from 400 euros. In 2015, 2017 and 2019, he became the owner of the quality mark from tripadvisor.

Restaurant d'vijff Vlieghen

"Five flies" is the name of a famous restaurant-Museum in Amsterdam. "I am Nicholas the Fifth, born in 1627 and forgot to die. I am the King of the Five Flies Empire in Amsterdam, Holland. If you come to my Kingdom, I will give you an experience that you will never forget. " - Nicholas Krouse So the floor-to-ceiling entrepreneur advertised his restaurant in America back in the 40s, holding a cage with five copper flies inside. In terms of design, d'vijff Vlieghen (or Five Flies) is really a unique place. The entourage of the room has several dining areas, and visitors can choose where they would like to have dinner today – in the Netherlands of the Golden age or in the pavilion with paintings by Rembrandt. Each territory has its own collection of antique items with antique furniture and unique decor. For example, in the glass salon, the walls are decorated with gilded leather of the XVII and XIX centuries. The print room contains a collection of plans from the XVIII–XIX centuries and Delft Blue tiles from the XVII–XVIII centuries. You can also book a table in the knights 'room, the wedding hall, mother Hendrina's apartment, the Binnenchs' study, surrounded by prints by a Dutch artist, or go straight to the bar De Vlieg. Thanks to the rich history, the institution has accumulated a collection of guest books, where famous guests left their reviews, and even preserved unique sketches for the film "Alice in Wonderland" in 1951. Restaurant Manager albert wehrman will be happy to give you a tour, telling you the amazing story of the "Five flies".

The kitchen is run by chef Jeroen Klaasen, who prefers fresh and simple products that are easy to recognize on a plate. Its dishes are also a kind of work of art that is worth trying. If you are allergic to specific ingredients, let them know and they will be adjusted specifically for you. Prices for snacks are between 10-18 euros. Main courses 23-28 euros, side dishes about 5 euros, desserts 11-12 euros.

Incanto Restauran

Incanto is a part of Sunny Italy in the center of Amsterdam. Famous Italian hospitality, the aroma of spices and culinary masterpieces made from simple ingredients-this is what awaits visitors who decide to visit this trattoria. The classic range of national cuisine is presented by the Venetian chef Nikolai Rossi, who even ordinary food turns into creations that excite all the body's receptors.

And, of course, wine-a choice of more than 150 different best varieties and help the sommelier in finding a bouquet that will perfectly set off the taste palette of the dish. You can order both individual dishes and the menu: lunch – 37 euros, from the chef-51 euros, wine composition-36 euros.

CHANG-I restaurant

Asian food lovers will find it in the Museum district next to the van Gogh Vernissage. It combines Eastern magic and European chic. Food preparation here is approached with a special philosophy, trying to reveal the full potential of the ingredients, so that visitors do not just satisfy their hunger, but enjoy every moment of the meal. The interior is designed so that guests feel relaxed, as if in a familiar home environment – a lot of colors, natural materials, soft muted lighting, separate places.

.You can order 3 (37.50–49.50 euros), 4 (45-59,50 euros) and 5 (52-69,50 euros) courses. There is also a large wine list.

The DUCHESS restaurant

The interior of the restaurant "Duchess" in a chamber style was inspired by its founders Belle Époque – a Magnificent era. It combines the elegance of traditional London hospitality and the famous Viennese grandeur. The modern kitchen was custom-made. Chic is visible in everything-a marble bar, wrought-iron lamps, soft sofas, as if embracing in a friendly way chairs. The elegant tea shop seems to have been revived from the century before last along with the delicacies of sweets – macaroons, eclairs, truffles and cotton candy, air cakes, delicate ice cream, caramelized sugar, elegant dishes. Visitors are especially recommended to try the dessert "Chocolate Explosion". People come here for Breakfast, lunch, dinner or enjoy strong drinks, divine pastries and fragrant tea (coffee). Meals are prepared only from fresh produce, and the portions are large enough to satisfy your hunger. For each occasion, we will help you choose the best wine from the best vineyards of France, Italy and other parts of the world.

European cuisine, but with a Mediterranean bias. The service at the highest level. Guests are welcomed as noble gentlemen, offering comfort, elegance and refinement in everything. You should book a table in advance, especially if you want to celebrate Christmas or New year here, as this is one of the most fashionable places in Amsterdam. The hall is never empty, although the prices at the DUCHESS are quite high.


The best restaurants in Amsterdam hospitably open their doors to all visitors. In every kitchen, a real mystery is created to please the most demanding and capricious taste. Each dish is a kind of message to a sophisticated gourmet who is able to appreciate the result of the sacrament of the unsurpassed chef.


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