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Denmark: what are Danish men like?

Do Danish men differ from Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians? Yes, they differ. But perhaps not so much in appearance as in mentality. However, outwardly, the majority of the Danes are very tall, very stately; blue – eyed, fair-haired, red-haired-well, such a light nation of Vikings. And today, of course, the Danes are a peaceful people; helmets or helmets are only worn by cyclists, or – as they are called here-cyklist (syklist), motorcyclists, those who drive scooters; for other purposes, there are no masks or helmets. Today, Denmark is a country of modesty and moderation. And this is partly a Testament to the Danish sense of social responsibility. The education of personal responsibility begins from the earliest childhood. Children, in General, are told about a bear cub, a duckling, who regularly face problems when there is a confrontation between personal and public. And so children are taught responsibility.

As for the attitude of men to women, it is completely different. They treat women like... you know, if you take the division of labor in the family into male and female, this is not the case in Denmark. I think that there is no such thing in all of Scandinavia, but let's talk specifically about Denmark: there is no concept of men's and women's work. Moreover, I will tell you that in 99% of cases you will see men walking with strollers on the streets. Since Denmark is a country that runs and rides bicycles, there are special bicycles equipped with child seats with fastened hoods (as in a stroller). If a man likes Cycling, then be sure that he will push this stroller with a special attachment in front of him, and if he likes to run, then when running, he will push the stroller in front of him in the same way. And this is the norm here.

In addition, for men, it is not a problem to change diapers for infants, cook them dinner, prepare lunch; wash, vacuum – this is the norm here. For me, this was a revelation, it was somehow not true; I always thought: "Why does a man want to do my job?» And I remember that I was even offended when I came home and a man was standing in the kitchen, and I thought, " Oh, my God, he thinks I'm a bad hostess!» In fact, time passes, and you realize that here the attitude to life is different: here they value women and value work. As for another point and nuance… By the way, if we talk about the language barrier, in Denmark you will not face this problem, because almost all men speak English calmly. In General, the riddle is solved very simply: why does the entire population of Denmark speak English? Do you know why? All films that are on TV are broadcast in the original language, that is, they are American films, as a rule, and the Danish translation to them is allowed in the form of subtitles. Therefore, children from early childhood absorb the correct English language, and thus unobtrusively people develop two languages.

I have already said that the Danes are tall, well-built, take care of themselves, as a rule, do sports, go to gyms. I don't know a single man in my environment who doesn't play sports. Someone goes to the gym, someone runs-every day, and it doesn't matter what the weather is: rain, just a downpour, I don't know, frost, hail – they still run. Well, nature does not have bad weather, why should Denmark not know about it?


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