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Deep Relationship Questions To Ask.

Updated: May 21, 2020

When we are ready to take things to another level or get into those deep conversations it can be a little tricky.

If you’re going to use these deep questions to ask your partner, be prepared for heavy answers. The resulting discussion is what takes effort as the questions are the easy part. Be open, honest, and communicative, and you’ll find that these questions can strengthen your relationship.

What Would You Define As Cheating?

You need to know each other's boundaries, For me, on a personal level this is a big one, many things can come up with this one, I personally have a zero tolerance to anything as far as cheating goes, even texting someone with the intention is too far. You have to find your personal values and boundaries.

Would You Compromise Your Happiness For The Success Of The Relationship?

And if so, is the relationship truly successful? For me personally, the relationship would make me happy as long as it wasn't toxic. We all see this in a different way and on a personal level.

In my point of view, my children and my partner come first no question about that, some people don't always want to consider their partners in the decisions they make or the things they do.

Do You Think Past Relationship Secrets Should Always Be Kept Hidden?

What if too much information was truly too much?

I would say that if its not going to affect your relationship, then there's no need to bring anything up, allow your partner to forget about their past and move forward in the new relationship with you, you are not your past.

What’s The One Thing About Me You’d Like To Change?

Be prepared for harsh truths, but also be willing to look for solutions.

work together on any problems you may have, sometimes just addressing them can make you more aware of something you didn't realise was happening, change can be difficult but its also inevitable, we all change at some time or another and its usually too late when we realise we should have changed our ways.


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